Subject: Migration of Hadoop labelled nodes to new dedicated Master

Hi All,

Following on from the below email I sent *11 DAYS ago now*, so far we have
had *one reply *from mahout cc:d to me (thank you Trevor) , and had *ONE
PERSON* sign up to the new [EMAIL PROTECTED] -
that is out of a total of *OVER 7000* people signed up to the 13 mailing
lists emailed.

To recap what I asked for:-

"...What I would like from each community, is to decide who is going to
help with their project in performing these migrations - ideally 2 or 3
folks who use the current builds.a.o regularly. Those folks should then
subscribe to the new dedicated [EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing
lists as soon as possible so we can get started..."

This will be last email I sent to your dev list directly. I am now building
a new Jenkins Master, and as soon as it is ready I will start to migrate
the Jenkins Nodes/Agents over to the new system.
And; when I am done, the existing *WILL BE TURNED OFF*.

I am now going to continue all conversations on the
[EMAIL PROTECTED] list *only.*


Gavin McDonald (ASF Infra)
On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 4:21 PM Gavin McDonald <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: