Subject: Adjusting the verbosity of test results as posted to bug systems

Yup. Custom reports are built using the bugsystem part of the API.  They are pretty trivial to write and there are lots of examples.

Some other notes:

* one of the benefits of listing everything is also to make sure that what was supposed to get tested actually did. Yetis isn’t perfect. :(
* There is a long standing request to Atlassian to provide a way to hide comments by default in their API. The last time I checked it was pretty much in “never gonna happen” state. :(. I don’t know if Github’s API provides something similar.
* github PR output is optional and can be turned off entirely if the CI system is properly giving feedback to github. (See, e.g., lf-edge/eve for a real world example). But the ASF limits what Yetus can do to the repos so Yetus is somewhat crippled here.

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