Subject: ASF Jenkins PR Status


I was chatting with someone and they didn't know that the INFRA team removed the Jenkins multi branch pipeline GitHub webhook off of all Apache repos. Thought I'd drop a note here to mention it for those that don't follow that universe.   I don't think it was announced (as with most things INFRA), so don't be too alarmed if you missed it.

They are pushing some other plugin but it appears to be a Cloudbees paid plugin that doesn't seem to have a lot of documentation.  Totally unclear if it works with pipeline code, which is rather ironic given the push for Blue Ocean and other pipeline bits from the Jenkins crew.

At some point we'll have to figure out what to do with Apache Yetus PRs, but I don't think anyone is actively working on anything at the moment.   (I've got a few in flight but I've been too busy with other stuff to get them in a committable state.)  There is some chatter around Gitlab CI being an option in the future so maybe that'll be what happens.  (My reads of builds@ leads me to believe that the Gitlab folks don't really understand the usage patterns, etc, of ASF users. On the flip side, it's also increasingly evident that a lot of projects really don't know how to optimize their stuff and are doing bad things like running full builds, full unit tests for every commit.)