Subject: [DISCUSS] Change 'master' branch to something else?

Let's get this worked out, since I think we might be cutting 0.13.0 sooner rather than later.  I've already got one incompatible change committed and it'd be good to maybe just make it "the incompatible release" or something. Haha.
I was hoping by now that there would be a more definitive timeline from GitHub. On the plus side, it appears that there is a general movement towards 'main'.  [At least given by the number of tutorials on how to do this that have popped up lately... e.g.,, which also has a lot of interesting discussion ]  IMO, I'm glad to see more of a community decision rather than GitHub dictating.  

Every new required setting is one more barrier to entry.  I already hate how many things users are required to set.  (Frankly, the restrictions we have around default --plugins is enough to make me question whether the ASF is the correct place for this project.)

Personalities already have this capability.