Subject: Help making sense of build output

Hi folks,

I think i'm looking at a Yetus bug, but I really don't know what to make of
it. The build in question is [0]. I'm looking at the "yetus general check,"
summary table in the Blue Ocean console output. All four of `compile`,
`cc`, `golang`, and `javac` checks are pointing at the same output file.
Are all the checks processed from the same command invocation? It seems to
me that somehow the association between the check and it's output has
gotten tangled here, resulting in the same output file being flagged for
all of them.


[2020-04-10T10:59:44.509Z] | compile |
[2020-04-10T10:59:44.509Z] | cc |
[2020-04-10T10:59:44.509Z] | golang |
[2020-04-10T10:59:44.509Z] | javac |