Subject: ERROR: is not a git repo.

> On Feb 15, 2020, at 10:32 AM, Pierre Smits <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Don't apologize! The questions are great and appreciated!  They point out short comings, either in the form of bugs or docs or missing features or ... !

You can't trust those HBase people. ;)
Looks reasonable, although you should probably set --patch-dir to a directory you don't care about, since precommit really really really wants that dir to be scratch space.  Also, unless you have multiple build tools configured or doing something really funky in your repo, you probably don't need to set the build-tool.  precommit has gotten pretty good about guessing which tool to use.

> executable '' for 'gradle' does not exist.

Hmm. That's... unexpected.

> So in docker mode, misses the gradle package. It seems to me that, when
> telling the script that the build tools to be used is gradle (parameter
> --buildtool
> =gradle) the generated image (yetus/ofbiz in this case) should have gradle
> installed. Correct?


> If so, the Dockerfile file in the test-patch-docker folder needs to be
> adjusted.
> I can imagine that a specific Gradle version may be required, so that may
> be an additional parameter, like --gradle-version=5.5.0 (in the case of
> OFBiz)

Full disclosure: the gradle handling hasn't been well stressed in a very long time and even then was primarily built for my internal Kafka builds. I know gradle has changed quite a bit since it was written. There's a good chance you're going to hit some bugs.

That said, something isn't right here, and it feels like a bug in the gradle handling.  IIRC, gradlew should be getting used to download gradle and not be required to be in the docker image.  

*looks at code*

This... doesn't feel correct at all. I'm sort of surprised if it worked outside of Docker!   But really, gradlew should be getting used to install gradle and answer the gradle version question.  It also tries to do a gradle -b bootstrap.gradle which is in no way guaranteed to work.

We definitely need a JIRA open to fix this mess. :(   I see git blame isn't going to ease my guilt. Haha.

For the short term, you can either add gradle to the Dockerfile, start hacking pieces out of precommit/src/main/shell/test-patch.d/, or run with --build-tool=nobuild.  

For the longer term, we need some code fixes.  They shouldn't be too painful, luckily.