I think your use case is the same of 2.b.  Personally I don't recommend to
use z.get(noteId, paragraphId) to get the shared data for 2 reasons
1.  noteId, paragraphId is meaningless, which is not readable
2. The note will break if we clone it as the noteId is changed.
That's why I suggest to use paragraph property to save paragraph's result

Regarding the intermediate storage, I also though about it and agree that
in the long term we should provide such layer to support large data,
currently we put the shared data in memory which is not a scalable
solution.  One candidate in my mind is alluxio [1], and regarding the data
format I think apache arrow [2] is another good option for zeppelin to
share table data across interpreter processes and different languages. But
these are all implementation details, I think we can talk about them in
another thread. In this thread, I think we should focus on the user facing
[1] http://www.alluxio.org/
[2] https://arrow.apache.org/

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