You can read page 8 in [1] and section VII. EVALUATION in [2]. I hope these will be helpful.

[1] Hunt, Patrick, et al. "ZooKeeper: Wait-free Coordination for Internet-scale Systems." USENIX annual technical conference. Vol. 8. 2010.
[2] Junqueira, Flavio P., Benjamin C. Reed, and Marco Serafini. "Zab: High-performance broadcast for primary-backup systems." Dependable Systems & Networks (DSN), 2011 IEEE/IFIP 41st International Conference on. IEEE, 2011.


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I heard that ZooKeeper uses Write Ahead Log for preserving operation information, and am interested in how it's implemented. But when checking ZooKeeper confluence wiki and searching the internet, I don't find much related documents. Only a few source files such as FileTxnLog.java that seems to be related with some lines written directly about write ahead log string.


Is this the right place to start? What other resources available out there as reference?