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[SPARK-32231] Use Hadoop 3 profile in AppVeyor SparkR build - Spark - [issue]
...AppVeyor with Hadoop 3 is failed, see will be disabled for now at SPARK-32230.We should investigate and enable...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2020-07-09, 08:19
[SPARK-32232] IllegalArgumentException: MultilayerPerceptronClassifier_... parameter solver given invalid value auto - Spark - [issue]
...I believe I have discovered a bug when loading MultilayerPerceptronClassificationModel in spark 3.0.0, scala 2.1.2 which I have tested and can see is not there in at least Spark 2.4.3, Scala...    Author: steven taylor , 2020-07-09, 08:02
[SPARK-32148] LEFT JOIN generating non-deterministic and unexpected result (regression in Spark 3.0) - Spark - [issue]
...When upgrading from Spark 2.4.6 to 3.0.0 I found that previously working LEFT JOINs now output unexpected results.Below is a minimal example to run in spark-shell to demonstrate this. In it ...    Author: Michael , 2020-07-09, 07:39
[SPARK-30276] Support Filter expression allows simultaneous use of DISTINCT - Spark - [issue]
...SPARK-27986 only supports  Filter expression without DISTINCT.We need to support Filter expression allow simultaneous use of DISTINCTPostgreSQL support:select ten, sum(distinct four) filter ...    Author: jiaan.geng , 2020-07-09, 07:32
[SPARK-32238] "Malformed class name" error from ScalaUDF - Spark - [issue]
...object MalformedClassObject extends Serializable {    class MalformedFunction extends (String => Int) with Serializable {      override def apply(v1: String): Int...    Author: wuyi , 2020-07-09, 07:30
[SPARK-32193] update  docs on regexp function - Spark - [issue]
...Sparksql support the following usage, we may update the docs to let it known to more users select 'abc'  REGEXP '([a-z]+)';  ...    Author: philipse , 2020-07-09, 07:17
[SPARK-32160] Executors should not be able to create SparkContext. - Spark - [issue]
...Currently executors can create SparkContext, but shouldn't be able to create, 1).foreach { _ =>  new SparkContext(new SparkConf().setAppName("test").setMaster("local"))...    Author: Takuya Ueshin , 2020-07-09, 06:53
[SPARK-28902] Spark ML Pipeline with nested Pipelines fails to load when saved from Python - Spark - [issue]
...Hi, this error is affecting a bunch of our nested use cases.Saving a PipelineModel with one of its stages being another PipelineModel, fails when loading it from Scala if it is saved in Pyth...    Author: Saif Addin , 2020-07-09, 06:50
[SPARK-32237] Cannot resolve column when put hint in the views of common table expression - Spark - [issue]
...Suppose we have a table:CREATE TABLE DEMO_DATA (  ID VARCHAR(10),  NAME VARCHAR(10),  BATCH VARCHAR(10),  TEAM VARCHAR(1)) STORED AS PARQUET;and some data in it:0: jdbc:h...    Author: Kernel Force , 2020-07-09, 06:38
[SPARK-32228] Partition column of hive table was capitalized and stored on HDFS - Spark - [issue]
...Suppose we have a target hive table to be insert by spark with dynamic partition feature on.CREATE TABLE DEMO_PART (ID VARCHAR(10),NAME VARCHAR(10)) PARTITIONED BY (BATCH DATE, TEAM VARCHAR(...    Author: Kernel Force , 2020-07-09, 06:07