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[SPARK-32927] Bitwise OR, AND and XOR should have similar canonicalization rules to boolean OR and AND - Spark - [issue]
...Canonicalize.scala should handle bitwise operations similar to boolean ones....    Author: Tanel Kiis , 2020-09-28, 03:24
[SPARK-27951] ANSI SQL: NTH_VALUE function - Spark - [issue]
...nth_value({{valueany, nthinteger)}}same type as valuereturns value evaluated at the row that is the nth row of the window frame (counting from 1); null if no such rowhttps://www.postgresql.o...    Author: Zhu, Lipeng , 2020-09-28, 02:55
[SPARK-33010] Make DataFrameWriter.jdbc work for DataSource V2 - Spark - [issue]
...Support multiple catalogs in DataFrameWriter.jdbc...    Author: Huaxin Gao , 2020-09-28, 01:04
[SPARK-22876] does not work correctly - Spark - [issue]
...I assume we can use spark.yarn.maxAppAttempts together with to make a long running application avoid stopping  after acceptable number of f...    Author: Jinhan Zhong , 2020-09-28, 01:02
[SPARK-33009] Verify list of binary incompatibilities after MiMa upgrade - Spark - [issue]
...As described in SPARK-32702 MiMa plugin upgrade caused the detection of new false positives for binary incompatibilities (master against 3.0.0 version).During upgrade process these false pos...    Author: Denis Pyshev , 2020-09-27, 23:02