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[SPARK-30388] mark all running map stages of finished job as finished - Spark - [issue]
...When a job finished, its running (re-submitted) map stages should be marked as finished if  not used by other jobs.And the ListenerBus should be notified too, otherwise, these map stage...    Author: Xuesen Liang , 2020-02-17, 07:35
[SPARK-30806] Evaluate once per group in UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame - Spark - [issue]    Author: EdisonWang , 2020-02-17, 07:11
[SPARK-30782] Column resolution doesn't respect current catalog/namespace for v2 tables. - Spark - [issue]
...For v1 tables, you can perform the following:SELECT FROM t;For v2 tables, the following fails:USE testcat.ns1.ns2;SELECT FROM t;org.apache.spark.sql.Analysi...    Author: Terry Kim , 2020-02-17, 07:11
[SPARK-30785] Create table like should keep tracksPartitionsInCatalog same with source table - Spark - [issue]
...Table generated by CTL a partitioned table is a partitioned table. But when run ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION, it will throw AnalysisException: ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION is not allowed. That's b...    Author: Lantao Jin , 2020-02-17, 07:10
[SPARK-30755] Support Hive 1.2.1's Serde after making built-in Hive to 2.3 - Spark - [issue]
...2020-01-27 05:11:20.446 - stderr> 20/01/27 05:11:20 INFO DAGScheduler: ResultStage 2 (main at failed in 1.000 s due to Job aborted due to stage failure: T...    Author: Yuming Wang , 2020-02-17, 07:07
[SPARK-30803] Fix the home page link to Scala API document - Spark - [issue]
...This only happens in 3.0.0....    Author: Dongjoon Hyun , 2020-02-17, 07:04
[SPARK-28880] ANSI SQL: Nested bracketed comments - Spark - [issue]
...Spark SQL support these bracketed comments: Case 1:/* This is an example of SQL which should not execute: * select 'multi-line'; */Case 2:/*SELECT 'trailing' as x1; -- inside ...    Author: Yuming Wang , 2020-02-17, 06:49
[SPARK-30840] Add version property for ConfigEntry and ConfigBuilder - Spark - [issue]    Author: jiaan.geng , 2020-02-17, 06:40
[SPARK-30773] Support NativeBlas for level-1 routines - Spark - [issue]
...In current ML BLAS.scala, all level-1 routines are fixed to use java implementation. But NativeBLAS(intel MKL, OpenBLAS) can bring up to 11X performance improvement based on performance test...    Author: Yan Ma , 2020-02-17, 06:20
[SPARK-30346] Improve logging when events dropped - Spark - [issue]
...Currently, spark will logging events dropped count info every 60s when events dropped, however, we notice that this not working as expected in our production environment.We looked into the c...    Author: liupengcheng , 2020-02-17, 06:10