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[expand - 1 more] - [ANNOUNCE] Apache Solr 8.6.1 released - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Solr 8.6.1.Solr is the popular, blazing fast, open source NoSQL search platform fromthe Apache Lucene project. Its major features ...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-14, 19:16
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Lucene 8.6.1 released - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Lucene 8.6.1.Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search enginelibrary written entirely in Java. It is a techno...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-14, 19:14
[expand - 2 more] - [VOTE] Release Lucene/Solr 8.6.1 RC2 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...It's been >72h since the vote was initiated and the result is:+1  8  (5 binding) 0  0-1  0This vote has PASSEDOn Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 9:13 AM Anshum Gupta  w...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-13, 20:06
Migration of Lucene Jobs and Nodes - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Do the precommit builds (PreCommit-LUCENE-Build and PreCommit-SOLR-Build)need to be migrated as well? I noticed links to them when trying to updatethe references in the repo to the new ...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-05, 15:46
[expand - 13 more] - 8.6.1 Release - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for volunteering David, I missed that.I have a patch for the backwards incompatibility that caused the 8.6.1 RC1to fail, if anyone wants to give input.
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-04, 17:27
[expand - 2 more] - [VOTE] Release Lucene/Solr 8.6.1 RC1 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...The vote has failed.I'll create the RC2 once we've fixed the autoscalingbackwards-compatibility stuff.- HoustonOn Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 2:23 PM Marcus Eagan  wrote:> revising my vote t...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-08-03, 22:11
[expand - 1 more] - Building Ref Guide on branch_8x - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Nah, 8x and master should be fine. Good findOn Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 5:11 PM Gus Heck  wrote:> Found it... there's another critical version not listed in the readme...> when I did ...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-07-27, 21:29
Approach for a new Autoscaling framework - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...I think this is a valid thing to discuss on the dev list, since this isn'tjust about code comments.It seems to me that Ilan wants to discuss the philosophy around how todesign plugins and th...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-07-23, 15:53
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Solr 8.6.0 released - Solr - [mail # user]
...To address your concern Bernd,The goal of this deprecation is not to remove the functionality entirely.The primary purpose is to remove the code from Solr Core. Before removing afeature we a...
   Author: Houston Putman , 2020-07-15, 22:41
[SOLR-14210] Add replica state option for HealthCheckHandler - Solr - [issue]
...BackgroundAs was brought up in SOLR-13055, in order to run Solr in a more cloud-native way, we need some additional features around node-level healthchecks.Like in Kubernetes we need 'liveli...    Author: Houston Putman , 2020-07-15, 15:09