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[SOLR-6596] Atomic update and adding child doc not working together - Solr - [issue]
...Was able to reproduce the issue reported here:    Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-08-08, 05:36
[SOLR-8344] Decide default when requested fields are both column and row stored. - Solr - [issue]
...This issue was discussed in the comments at SOLR-8220. Splitting it out to a separate issue so that we can have a focused discussion on whether/how to do this.If a given set of requested fie...    Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-27, 15:08
Hello, Need help regarding the learning to rank - Lucene - [mail # gen]
...Check in solr-users mailing list, please.On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 7:35 PM, Akshay Patil  wrote:> Hi,>> Hi,>> I am student. for my master thesis I am working on the Learnin...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-13, 04:55
Grant Ingersoll's 2009 blog article- is there a newer version? - Lucene - [mail # user]
...Try these, maybe? Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 8:26 PM,  wrote:> Hi,->  Is there a newer version of this...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-05, 15:18
[expand - 2 more] - [ANNOUNCE] Apache Lucene 6.6.5 released - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Apologies for the confusion. Sloppy on my part. This release of Lucenedidn't contain any changes.On Wed 4 Jul, 2018, 14:39 Rob Audenaerde,  wrote:> "This release contains one bug fix...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-04, 15:48
[expand - 1 more] - [ANNOUNCE] Apache Solr 6.6.5 released - Lucene - [mail # gen]
...03 July 2018, Apache Solr™ 6.6.5 availableThe Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Solr 6.6.5Solr is the popular, blazing fast, open source NoSQL search platform fromthe A...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-03, 21:37
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Lucene 6.6.5 released - Lucene - [mail # gen]
...03 July 2018, Apache Lucene™ 6.6.5 availableThe Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Lucene 6.6.5.Apache Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search enginelibr...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-07-03, 21:31
[LUCENE-7745] Explore GPU acceleration - Lucene - [issue]
...There are parts of Lucene that can potentially be speeded up if computations were to be offloaded from CPU to the GPU(s). With commodity GPUs having as high as 12GB of high bandwidth RAM, we...    Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-06-29, 14:04
[VOTE] Release Lucene/Solr 7.4.0 RC1 - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Given this is just a WARN, I don't think this is a release blocker. But, itwould be nice to fix for a better user experience.On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 12:35 PM, Adrien Grand  wrote:> C...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-06-20, 07:06
Welcome Nhat Nguyen as Lucene/Solr committer - Lucene - [mail # dev]
...Welcome Nhat. Excited to have you as a committer :-)On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 5:06 AM, Đạt Cao Mạnh wrote:> Welcome Nhat! Another Vietnamese guy!!>> On Tue, Jun 19, 2018 at 6:12 AM Ka...
   Author: Ishan Chattopadhyaya , 2018-06-19, 01:02