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Clear text password in Elasticsearch, logstash, kibana and Beats - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...There is as per the links provided :)---...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-11, 10:17
Explicit mapping not carried over on daily index creation - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...You need to add it to the `_template` for it to constantly apply -
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-11, 01:06
Elasticsearch manual election - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...There's no way to manually request a re-election, it's all automatic based on the availability of the current elected master.---...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-10, 20:44
Elasticsearch nodes doing young generation gc very frequently - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...[quote="Nitish_Goyal, post:2, topic:163661"]@davidkarlsen @Badger I see you guys have faced similar issues in the past. It would be really helpful if you can help us out here[/quote]Please d...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-10, 20:32
Rollup API in Xpack Basic? - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-10, 20:18
[expand - 2 more] - Logging directly to elasticsearch - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...It's an index request like any other, so
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-10, 10:36
[expand - 1 more] - Ho to create single index for logs coming through fluentd, filebeat and logstash together? - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...[quote="vijayakrishna.rg, post:3, topic:163631"]if i create multiple index then i need to search same query in kibana 3 times by changing index name in discovery tab[/quote]You can setup an ...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-09, 23:50
Elasticsearch YUM Repositories Are Down - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...If you are noticing a problem then providing details on what you are doing and what you are seeing, including commands, their output, and any other logging, is really helpful.---...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-09, 05:58
Elasticsearch filters - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...[quote="renjiie, post:1, topic:163453"]I will receive the filter inputs from the front-end some may be null or empty but in the elasticsearch query filter all the field should be present[/qu...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-09, 05:52
[expand - 1 more] - @timestamp is not matching the actual event time from the router syslog - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...It might be a regression then, can you raise an issue under the plugin so we can dig into it?---...
   Author: Mark Walkom , 2019-01-09, 03:57