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[LUCENENET-636] Port ConditionalWeakTable from .NET Core 3.x to .NET Standard 2.0 - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...As per LUCENENET-610, the WeakDictionary that has been created to support FieldCache and a few other Lucene.NET features does not perform well enough in highly concurrent environments.The Co...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2020-01-14, 11:29
[LUCENENET-616] Make Collections from Lucene.Net.Support into a 1st Class Feature - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...The collection types in Lucene.Net.Support were originally sourced to support Lucene.Net itself. While they were made public, they were not considered to be features that would be used by an...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2020-01-14, 11:29
[LUCENENET-630] Identify/Fix Bottlenecks - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...We need some help profiling Lucene.NET to identify and/or fix any potential bottlenecks. Please make us aware of anything you find by opening a new JIRA issue or by letting us know on the de...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2020-01-14, 11:27
[LUCENENET-639] Create NuGet Icons - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...We need icons for the NuGet packages of Lucene.NET's dependent projects: J2N No specific preference to design, incorporating aspects of .NET and Java logos ICU4N Should incorporate the...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-31, 10:04
[LUCENENET-614] Make Lucene.Net.TestFramework functionality available to end users (as was done in Java) - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...Early efforts on Lucene.Net failed to recognize that the test framework was not meant to be an internal component only used by Lucene's tests, but it was also shipped to end users as a Java ...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:58
[LUCENENET-617] Deadlock caused by NativeFSLockFactory - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...The NativeFSLockFactory is causing the Lucene.Net.Replicator.IndexAndTaxonomyReplicationClientTest::TestConsistencyOnExceptions() test to deadlock on .NET Framework 4.5.1.It is also seemingl...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:57
[LUCENENET-622] Failing Test: Lucene.Net.Util.TestVersionComparer::TestVersions() - Lucene.Net - [issue]    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:57
[LUCENENET-621] Failing Test: Lucene.Net.Search.TestSearchAfter::TestQueries() - Lucene.Net - [issue]    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:57
[LUCENENET-612] SERIOUS issues with PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper in 4.8 - Lucene.Net - [issue]
...This came in on the user mailing list on 15-July-2019 and was originally reported by Bryan Rojo ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Not necessarily a bug, but for some people who use PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper...    Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:56
[expand - 2 more] - [Vote] Apache Lucene.NET 4.8.0-beta00007 - Lucene.Net - [mail # dev]
...Time's up.Here are the results:PMC Votes+1: (3)0: (0)-1: (0)Non PMC Votes+1: (3)0: (0)-1: (0)It's official, Apache Lucene.Net 4.8.0-beta00007 has been approved! I will start the release pres...
   Author: Shad Storhaug , 2019-12-29, 07:02