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[LUCENE-8609] Allow getting consistent docstats from IndexWriter - Lucene - [issue]
...Today we have #numDocs() and #maxDoc() on IndexWriter. This is enough    to get all stats for the current index but it's subject to concurrency    and might return number...    Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 11:41
Function_score limt size - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...did you look into the [rescorer]( and the `windows_size` parameter?---...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:50
Fuzziness above 2 distance or 60% levenshtein match - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...we only support LD/Fuzziness <= 2 the reason is that the underlying implementation would _explode_ if we'd allow more. A dynamic programming approach of implementing it would be dramatica...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:48
How to hide some data(Sensitive data) - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...I don't think there is a way to do this easily and performant at this point.---...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:45
Regarding Rolling Updates - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...did you check [this]( page---...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:44
Query execution time - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...[quote="Famas, post:1, topic:160406"]I suppose there are other factors, in addition to cache, that affect the response time. But I've no idea.If the value of took moves so much it is very di...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:43
Why this large differences - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...I am not sure I follow what your problem is? What do you mean by flush files that are unused?---...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-14, 09:41
[LUCENE-8608] Extract utility class to iterate over terms docs - Lucene - [issue]
...Today we re-implement the same algorithm in various placeswhen we want to consume all docs for a set/list of terms. Thiscaused serious slowdowns for instance in the case of applyingupdates f...    Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-13, 14:35
[LUCENE-8602]  Share TermsEnum if possible while applying DV updates - Lucene - [issue]
...Today we pull a new terms enum when we apply DV updates even though the    field stays the same which is the common case. Benchmarking this on a    larger term dictionary...    Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-13, 14:34
[expand - 2 more] - Simple query on two fields with preference to one of them - ElasticSearch - [mail # user] can set `type` on SimpleQueryString as well. it should have the same effect. Another way is to use `copy_to` in your mapping and copy both fields in an uber field and search just in that...
   Author: Simon Willnauer , 2018-12-12, 22:29