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Release 2.0.16 ? - Tika - [mail # dev]
...All,  On a dev branch, I replaced Optimaize with a dev version ofOpenNLP's language detector, and I updated the common tokens list tocover the 120 langs covered by a dev version of Open...
   Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-13, 12:36
1.22? - Tika - [mail # dev]
...All,  Given our dependency, um, issues, any objections to a 1.22 in a fewweeks?  Any blockers/must haves?           Best,        &...
   Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-12, 20:40
[SOLR-9552] Upgrade to Tika 1.14 when available - Solr - [issue]
...Let's upgrade Solr as soon as 1.14 is available.P.S. I think we're soon to wrap up work on 1.14.  Any last requests?...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:34
[SOLR-10335] Upgrade to Tika 1.16 when available - Solr - [issue]
...Once POI 3.16-beta3 is out (early/mid April?), we'll push for a release of Tika 1.15.Please let us know if you have any requests....    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:33
[SOLR-11721] Isolate most of Tika and dependencies into separate jvm - Solr - [issue]
...Tika should not be run in the same jvm as Solr.  Ever.  Upgrading Tika and hoping to avoid jar hell, while getting all of the dependencies right manually is, um, error prone.  ...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:16
[SOLR-12035] ExtendedDismaxQParser fails to include charfilters in nostopanalyzer - Solr - [issue]
...In some circumstances, the ExtendedDismaxQParser tries to remove stop filters from the TokenizerChain.  When building the new analyzer without the stop filters, the charfilters from the...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:16
[SOLR-11693] Class loading problem for Tika/POI for some PPTX - Solr - [issue]
...Advokat reported TIKA-2497.  I can reproduce this issue with a Solr instance in both 6.6.2 and 7.1.0.I can't reproduce it when I run the triggering file within Solr's unit tests or with...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:16
[SOLR-12423] Upgrade to Tika 1.19.1 when available - Solr - [issue]
...In Tika 1.19, there will be the ability to call the ForkParser and specify a directory of jars from which to load the classes for the Parser in the child processes. This will allow us to rem...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:15
[SOLR-11462] TokenizerChain's normalize() doesn't work - Solr - [issue]
...TokenizerChain's normalize() is not currently used so this doesn't currently have any negative effects on search.  However, there is a bug, and we should fix it.If applied to a Tokenize...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:14
[SOLR-11976] TokenizerChain is overwriting, not chaining TokenFilters in normalize() - Solr - [issue]
...TokenizerChain is overwriting, not chaining tokenfilters in normalize.  This doesn't currently break search because normalize is not being used at the Solr level (AFAICT); rather, TextF...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-06-08, 15:14