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[TIKA-2994] ExceptionUtils should let TikaException subclasses through - Tika - [issue]
...ExceptionUtils is currently pulling the cause from a class that is an instance of TikaException.  This hides the commonality of subclasses of TikaException, e.g. EncryptedDocumentExcept...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-21, 00:15
[TIKA-2993] tika-server's /rmeta endpoint shouldn't throw an exception for a parse exception - Tika - [issue]
...tika-server's /rmeta endpoint should catch exceptions and report them in the returned metadata list as happens with tika-app in batch mode.This includes parse exceptions, null-byte exception...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-21, 00:15
[TIKA-2979] tika-server shouldn't throw an exception for a non-supported format - Tika - [issue]
...tika-server throws an UnsupportedMediaTypeException if there is no parser for a given format.  This prevents users from getting the mime type and any digests that were computed on the s...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-21, 00:15
[TIKA-2990] Add mime detection via xml root for xfdf - Tika - [issue]
...Thanks to input from Peter Wyatt, let's also add xml root detection for xfdf files.See, e.g.:    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-19, 22:42
[TIKA-2989] Add mime detection via xml root for xdp - Tika - [issue]
...Background: files can be found embedded as attachments in this file    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-19, 22:42
[TIKA-2991] Add a parser for XDP files - Tika - [issue]
...On TIKA-2989 we added mime detection based on the xml-root.  At some point we should add a parser to extract the embedded pdf file, if it exists.  It looks like the XFAExtractor co...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-19, 20:56
[TIKA-2986] Edge case (?) in file type detection - Tika - [issue]
...One of my colleagues, Philip Southam, recently came across a file that was identified as an Acrobat fdf file.  The particular file was some kind of binary file with a ".fdf" extension, ...    Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-19, 17:41
Tika 1.23? - Tika - [mail # dev]
...All,  I've abandoned hope of getting the contenthandler factory configurationstuff into 1.23.  We've added some new mime types, upgraded POI and made anumber of other useful change...
   Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-19, 16:07
Parsing huge PDF (400Mb, 2700 pages) - Tika - [mail # user]
...CC'ing colleagues on PDFBox...any recommendations?Sergey's recommendation is great for documents that can be parsed viastreaming.  However, PDFBox does not currently parse PDFs in a str...
   Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-14, 14:06
ForkParser in OSGi - Tika - [mail # user]
...Paging Bob Paulin to the OSGi courtesy phone...On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 12:06 PM Katsuya Tomioka wrote:> I'd like to use ForkParser in OSGi with tika 1.22. The server seems to> start up...
   Author: Tim Allison , 2019-11-13, 21:22