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Cross cluster search - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...Please help me understand how each node operates in an cross cluster setup. Is the following representation right?![g%20(1)|602x142](upload://bxjU0A4rmdEejjR8Ujb2blgrLeB.png) LD -> Local ...
   Author: Amitav Mohanty via Discus... , 2019-02-18, 16:13
Elasticsearch Cluster turns Red - Is JVM Heap main culprit? - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...Hi,I am indexing at a decent rate. 20 indices each with 10000 fields and 50000 documents continuously indexing through 9 threads. I have  a cluster with a dedicated master node and two ...
   Author: Nikesh via Discuss the El... , 2019-02-18, 16:02
[expand - 1 more] - Split Processor: - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...If I understand correctly, your `uri_path` has an internal well defined structure. In this case you could use the [dissect processor](
   Author: Magnus Kessler via Discus... , Sharad Ananth via Discuss... , ... , 2019-02-18, 15:59
[expand - 1 more] - Trying to start the bitbucket server, but throwing an error stating "BIND TRANSPORT EXCEPTION" - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...A service is already running on that port.---...
   Author: David Pilato via Discuss ... , Manohar Reddy via Discuss... , ... , 2019-02-18, 15:57
Remove index routing table of closed indices in mixed versions clusters - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Note: this PR will be merged in the replicated-closed-indices feature branchThis pull request removes the legacy way of closing indices (aka "direct close") in mixed versions clusters, since...    Author: tlrx , 2019-02-18, 15:55
Time zone not same - ElasticSearch - [issue]    Author: ankit22550 , 2019-02-18, 15:54
Move deprecated Rounding classes into test - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This moves the joda based rounding classes into the test directory, soit does not get used accidentally. This allows us to keep the duel testsrunning for now, which ensure that joda and java...    Author: spinscale , 2019-02-18, 15:49
Edits to text in Delete By Query API doc - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Minor edits to text for punctuation, capitalization, and word usage.Throughout the doc I made “delete by query” into “ _delete_by_query” for consistency and for readability....    Author: dmeiss , 2019-02-18, 15:47
Remove tests and branches that will never execute - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Some tests have assumeTrue that only makesthem run on versions prior to v7.0.0, but for current master atv8.0.0 this will never happen.Similarly remove branches that will never be hit on cur...    Author: atorok , 2019-02-18, 15:37
fix #35262 define deprecations of API's as a whole and urls - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This moves deprecated paths out of paths and into a new property called deprecated_paths.This allows client generators to either skip or otherwise mark these endpoints as deprecated/obsolete...    Author: Mpdreamz , 2019-02-18, 15:33