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After Upgrade to 6.2.4 Circuitbreaker Exception Data too large - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Elasticsearch version (bin/elasticsearch --version): Version: 6.2.4, Build: ccec39f/2018-04-12T20:37:28.497551Z, JVM: 1.8.0_151Plugins installed: discovery-file and xpackJVM version (java -v...    Author: r32rtb , 2019-06-16, 06:52
`elasticsearch-setup-passwords` outputs error on stdout - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Elasticsearch version (bin/elasticsearch --version): Version: 7.1.1, Build: default/deb/7a013de/2019-05-23T14:04:00.380842Z, JVM: 12.0.1Plugins installed: noneJVM version (java -version):ope...    Author: nkakouros , 2019-06-15, 18:51
Add null check for ParentJoinFieldMapper in ChildrenAggregationBuilder.joinFieldResolveConfig - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...A user received a NPE. It was reproduced on 6.3.1 with the following stack trace:2019-06-06T13:26:49,963][DEBUG][o.e.a.s.TransportSearchAction] [hamilton] [mi_indice][2], node[ABwM3KQJQdWuKf...    Author: ebadyano , 2019-06-15, 17:35
Expose network memory pool stats - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This is related to #36127. This PR exposes stats about the memory poolsthat are used by the networking layer....    Author: tbrooks8 , 2019-06-15, 15:48
Rebuild version map when opening internal engine - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...With this change, we will rebuild the live version map and local checkpoint using documents (including soft-deleted) from the safe commit when opening an internal engine. This allows us to s...    Author: dnhatn , 2019-06-15, 15:01
Leak Detection Listener - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...WIP, will comment on this shortly. For now just running Jenkins....    Author: original-brownbear , 2019-06-15, 14:28
Aggregation query results in a type different than actual field type - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Elasticsearch version: 7.1.1JVM version : openjdk version 11.0.3OS version: Ubuntu-18-04Description of the problem including expected versus actual behaviour:I have made an index with a prop...    Author: ajupazhamayil , 2019-06-15, 11:37
:server:compileTestJava fails on Windows - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Windows builds are failing repeatedly on master. For instance:> Task :server:c...    Author: DaveCTurner , 2019-06-15, 09:39
Add UnknownRole#equals, hashCode, toString - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Adds methods to DiscoveryNodeRole.UnknownRole to compare these objects'values for equality, and adds a specialized toString() implementation forclearer test failures.Relates #43175...    Author: DaveCTurner , 2019-06-15, 08:19
Make DiscoveryNodeRole into a value object - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...Adds equals() and hashcode() methods to DiscoveryNodeRole to comparethese objects' values for equality, and adds a field to allow us to distinguishunknown roles from known ones with the same...    Author: DaveCTurner , 2019-06-15, 08:18