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Fix the version ID for v5.6.10. - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...(cherry picked from commit 64a98cd)...    Author: jtibshirani , 2018-04-17, 21:59
Fix the version ID for v5.6.10. - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...This is causing test failures, so putting in a quick fix. Catching up with @talevy and @rjernst, it may make sense to add version validation in a future PR....    Author: jtibshirani , 2018-04-17, 21:32
6.2.1: Unrecognized option: -server - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...Thanks!  The order was the issue.  I had no idea the jvm.options file was loaded only at service install time.  I must've been putting the new jvm.options file in place after ...
   Author: Matt Hemingway , 2018-04-17, 21:31
[expand - 1 more] - Query ElasticSearch for documents with terms matching exclusively - ElasticSearch - [mail # user]
...[quote="dierre, post:1, topic:128424"]Is it possible to do it?[/quote]I don't quite understand what exactly you are trying to achieve and without seeing your mapping and test data it's a bit...
   Author: Igor Motov , dierre , ... , 2018-04-17, 21:01
[expand - 2 more] - Specialized Solr Application - Solr - [mail # user]
...Hi Timothy,As I understand it, Tika is integrated with Solr.  All my indexeddocuments declare that they've been parsed by tika.  For the eml filesit's: |org.apache.tika.parser.mail.RFC822Par...
   Author: Terry Steichen , Allison, Timothy B. , ... , 2018-04-17, 20:50
Remove RepositoriesMetaData variadic constructor - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...The variadic constructor was only used in a few places and theRepositoriesMetaData class is backed by a List anyway, so just using aList will make it simpler to instantiate it....    Author: hub-cap , 2018-04-17, 20:36
[expand - 3 more] - custom response writer which extends RawResponseWriter fails when shards > 1 - Solr - [mail # user]
...In distributed search response writer is used twice slave node that's where response writer yields "json" content and it...
   Author: Mikhail Khludnev , Lee Carroll , ... , 2018-04-17, 20:36
Fix dependency checks on libs when generating Eclipse configuration. - ElasticSearch - [pullrequest]
...Currently this fails because the Eclipse configuration splits the main and testfolders into separate projects to avoid circular dependencies.Relates #29336...    Author: jpountz , 2018-04-17, 20:29
CCS: Drop http address from remote cluster info - ElasticSearch - [issue]
...They are expensive to fetch and no longer needed by Kibana so theyshouldn't be needed by anyone else either.Closes #29207...    Author: nik9000 , 2018-04-17, 20:07
[expand - 2 more] - Help! - Max Segment name reached - Lucene - [mail # user]
...Thanks, I will try that.Why haven't more people run into this issue? The next segment number is persisted, so if an index has a long life it should eventually run into this problem.Stuart M ...
   Author: Stuart Goldberg , Uwe Schindler , ... , 2018-04-17, 20:04