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  • Embed just a simple JavaScript Beacon in your Search Results page
  • Search technology agnostic – works with all search backends – Solr, Elasticsearch, Attivio, AWS CloudSearch/Elasticsearch, etc.
  • Pass in arbitrary attributes for ad-hoc slicing and dicing
  • Analyze site search metrics for one or more sites
  • Start seeing search metrics in real-time, right away
  • Invite teammates to individual apps or whole account
  • Unlimited number of users with Owner, Admin, and User roles
  • Revoke privileges and change roles at any time

Out of the Box Charts

We’ve done the work for you. Get 12+ charts and 20+ search metrics out of the box and start gaining insight immediately.
  • Over a dozen reports and over 20 merics out of the box
  • Filter search metrics by a number of custom attributes
  • See zero-hit queries, top queries, query CTR, hit counts, latency, click stats, sorting, paging, etc.

Top Queries

Get detailed information for your most popular queries.
  • Understand popularity of each query and their popularity over time
  • Get click-through rate for each top query and improve quality of search results for most sought after content
  • See latencies of top queries so you can make them faster
  • Find Mean Reciprocal Rank for each top query – high MRR means implies low search results relevance

Zero-hit Queries

SSA tells you which of your most popular queries are returning zero hits. Searches that return zero hits frustrate users and result in lost opportunities. Use this information to review your content and queries in order to reduce the zero hits problem, increase user satisfaction and conversions.

Query CTR

Find the click-through rate for each of the top queries. Low CTR for a query means people are not clicking on search results for that query. This implies people are not happy with perceived quality of search results. Every time a person searches for something and doesn’t click on one of the search hits the opportunity to show relevant content or product is lost, a chance of user abandonment increases, and conversion rate decreases. Use this data and make an informed effort to improve search results relevance.

Scheduled Reporting

Keep an eye on your site search metrics without having to actively analyze it every day. Subscribe to any report and get it delivered to your Inbox at designated time and frequency.

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