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Master Solr and Elasticsearch faster

Join Solr and Elasticsearch training classes from beginner to advanced level.

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Sematext is known worldwide for our Elasticsearch, ELK stack and Solr expertise, providing Solr
and Elasticsearch support. Our 1 and 2-day classes are delivered either remotely or on-site. Instructor-led and highly hands-on, our classes are chalk-full of hard-earned tipsand tricks that will save you time, elevate your level of competency, and help you learn Solr or Elastic Stack faster.

Solr Training

Our 1 and 2-day Solr classes cover from learning how to configure and deploy Solr, running a
wide range of queries, and indexing documents with Solr to understanding the differences and
use-cases for Solr and SolrCloud and learning about query routing, results re-ranking and more.

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Elasticsearch Training

Our 1 and 2-day Elasticsearch classes cover from understanding all core Elasticsearch
concepts and being able to index data into Elasticsearch to learning everything you need to
handle your Elasticsearch clusters in production. Interested in Elasticsearch for Logging?
We cover that too.

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