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Why Sematext?

Building the tool we use in our own work as developers and consultants focused on performance, troubleshooting, and scaling.

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Why Sematext?

Whether you are in Frontend, Backend, SRE, or DevOps, you can monitor your entire tech stack in one place with Sematext. Combine infrastructure, logs, Real-user, and synthetic monitoring in one UI with customizable alerts and dashboards to help your business thrive.

Why our customers chose Sematext

Quick setup

Quick setup and Easy to use

Our agent autodiscovers Logs and metrics from hundreds of integrations. Each integration comes with useful preset dashboards, reports, and alert rules out of the box.

Customizable dashboards

Customizable dashboards for your needs

Metrics, Logs, Real User and Synthetic data all in one place. You can create specific reports with various metrics and correlate data between logs and event timelines to get to the bottom of issues much easier.


Be alerted only when needed

Set up your alerts to be notified through email, Slack, Teams, PagerDuty, or any Notification WebHook. Customize when and who should be notified when one or more predefined conditions are met.

Pay for what you use

Pay for what you use

...and only what you use!! Control your costs by selecting different plans for each of your Apps instead of paying for an account-wide plan. Zero commitments with flexible pricing.

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Sematext Cloud

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Sematext Monitoring

Sematext Monitoring

Collect and report infrastructure performance metrics and events across your whole stack with numerous integrations.
Monitor your servers, containers, databases, transactions, network, JVMs, package inventory and more.

Sematext Monitoring
Sematext Logs

Sematext Logs

Fully managed ELK in the Cloud without Elasticsearch and infrastructure management. Get all the benefits of an Elasticsearch API and Kibana without the overhead of managing it yourself.
You can collect logs from any part of your software stack, IoT devices, network hardware and much more.

Sematext Logs
Sematext Experience

Sematext Experience

Real User Monitoring allows you to analyze data from real user sessions and increase customer satisfaction from it.
Enhance your front end performance by finding slow loading pages, monitor your Apdex score, mapping out business journeys in real time, intuitive insights into web vitals and more.

Sematext Experience
Sematext Synthetics

Sematext Synthetics

Synthetic Monitoring provides you with powerful tools that monitor the availability of your website, APIs, and business critical web transactions. Get alerted when your website is unavailable or a transaction is slow or failing, automatic SSL certificate monitoring, end to end visibility.
Publish a private or public Status Page with your performance and uptime metrics.

Sematext Synthetics

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Why Sematext?

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