Database Operations

Database Operations reports provide detailed insight (details further below) into operations about various data stores - this includes operations executed against Solr or Elasticsearch clusters, as well as other types of data stores.


  • To get this information add App Agent to the application that is talking to a data store (e.g. Solr or Elasticsearch or any backend with which your application communicates using SQL - MySQL, Apache Cassandra (CQL), Apache Phoenix, Drill, Impala, and any other backend apps talk to via JDBC). This is because the App Agent captures operations at that client layer, not in the server itself.

  • This works only for Java applications

  • To start capturing this information enable Transaction Tracing in your App Agent

  • Requires App Agent running in embedded mode

Insights these reports provide:

  • Top 5 operation types across all your data stores or filtered to a specific data store type

  • Top 5 operation types by speed, throughput, or simply their volume

  • Time-series reports for volume, throughput, and latency broken down by operation type

  • Ability to view all collected operations, not just the slowest ones, filter by database type or by operation type, sorted by average or total duration, or throughput

  • Sparklines that show last 5 minute values and trends

  • Top 10 slowest individual operations and drill-in details

  • Integration with Transaction Tracing allows correlation of a specific slow operation with the actual transaction/request that triggered it