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Sematext Monitoring supports dozens of different integrations.


Sematext Logs supports dozens of different integrations.

Stored data is received through the Elasticsearch API and also through a variety of Syslog protocols.

The Elasticsearch API lets you:

  • send log events directly from your application, using any Elasticsearch library
  • send log events using a "log shipper" application such as Logstash, rsyslog, Apache Flume, Fluentd, or anything that can output to Elasticsearch
  • search for logs from your own application, or by configuring/adapting existing Elasticsearch UIs, such as Kibana
  • optionally define custom mappings for your log types, so you can tweak the way your logs are indexed

We currently have Logs Integrations with prebuilt reports and charts apart from a Generic Logs App that supports dozens of different integrations.


All of the integrations require adding and configuring the Experience script. However, unlike static websites and SSR websites, single-page applications require one more configuration step to register route changes.

Notification Hooks


Multiple types of alert notifications can be triggered on metrics and on logs and sent to several 3rd party services. See Alerts for more info.

Register for free or Login into Sematext IT systems monitoring platform to get started and create your logs app. Upload your logs from all your servers to our centralized log management solution with Elasticsearch API and integrated Kibana, and experience the first true Hosted ELK Stack.

Recommendations for learning more about Sematext products and services:

  • Sematext Cloud integrations guide
  • Our website
  • For open-source integrations and other Sematext contribution to the open-source community, check our GitHub repositories.
  • or just talk to us using chat located in right bottom corner of any page, and one of our engineers will help you navigate Sematext waters.