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New Varnish Cache Monitoring Integration

Following our recent announcement for the Varnish Cache Logs integration, we are now taking it a step further by introducing Varnish Cache Monitoring integration.

Varnish Cache Monitoring integration provides everything you need right out of the box:

  • Monitor Backend and Client reports to identify signs of issues such as misconfigurations, network problems, or changes in traffic patterns
  • Assess how efficiently Varnish Cache is utilized to reduce server load and improve performance
  • Check whether thread pools are functioning properly and are healthy
  • Get notified about increasing 4xx and 5xx response rates
  • Use tips integrated in the dashboards to understand what metrics are about and how to fine-tune their corresponding settings

Get end-to-end visibility into all the key metrics needed for efficient troubleshooting. Below is an indicative list of the available metrics that can be found in Varnish Cache dashboards:

  • Backend connections
  • Backend request rate
  • Client requests
  • Client responses by code
  • Cache hits and misses
  • Cache grace hits and cache hits for misses
  • Threads queue
  • Threads created, failed, destroyed, limited
  • Bans added, completed, deleted
  • Bans client requests
  • Detailed OS metrics: CPU, disk IO, network, etc.
  • ...

Now that both Varnish Cache Monitoring and Logs integrations are available, don’t forget to use Split Screen. It’s great for correlating performance spikes with log events. This will help you swiftly pinpoint and resolve Varnish Cache-related issues and not waste time juggling between metrics and logs.

For more information, please refer to Varnish Cache Monitoring documentation or feel free to schedule a demo with our team.