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Introducing the Features in This Screen Flyout

We’re excited to introduce a new feature to help you get the most out of Sematext Cloud: The Features in This Screen flyout. This handy addition is aimed at making your life easier by showing you all the features available on the screen you're currently on in Sematext Cloud.

You can open the flyout from the Help menu, which can be found either in the top right corner of the screen or at the bottom of the left menu panel.

Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • Right from where you are, see a list of key features available on that screen.
  • Watch quick clips that show you how to access and use each feature.
  • Get a concise rundown of what each feature does and how it can help you.
  • Jump straight to our docs for detailed info or watch related videos if you want to dive deeper.

This flyout is all about helping you discover useful tools that you might not have known about. We hope this makes getting on board with Sematext Cloud faster and more intuitive.

For more information, please refer to Features In This Screen Flyout docs.