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Chrome User Experience Monitoring

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Chrome User Experience Monitoring

Monitor Chrome Browser Metrics and User Experience

Increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data from real user sessions.


  • Enhance your front-end performance
  • Detect anomalies and send you alerts in real-time
  • Actively monitor front-end app and websites
  • Starts as low as $9/month

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Monitor Chrome Browser Metrics and User Experience

What you get

Find Performance Issues Faster

  • Add one tiny script to your tag
  • Reduce performance-related issues by having 100% visibility into what areas are affecting UX
  • Track page loads, HTTP requests, resources, UI interactions, and more!
  • Compared to Synthetic Monitoring, User Experience Monitoring lets you inspect individual user sessions and page-level specifics
Find Performance Issues Faster( )


Get Started in Seconds

  • You paste a tiny script in your tag. As simple as that!
  • No agents are required
  • Support for major SPA frameworks such as React, Ember.js, Angular, Vue.js and many more
  • Web application monitoring for all fired HTTP requests and resources
Get Started in Seconds( )


Real-Time Visibility into Your Front-end apps and Websites

Key metrics include response times, Apdex scores, resource load times, Socket connect time, TLS handshake times, TTFB, TTFP, download times, including Web Vitals. Apart from performance metrics you also get page-load metrics that specify back-end and front-end times, including DOM load times and FP, FCP, LCP, and much more.
View the Experience docs for more details!

    Real-Time Visibility into Your Front-end apps and Websites( )

    Load times

    Troubleshooting Made Easy with Load Time Breakdowns

    If your visitors are experiencing slow page-load or HTTP requests performance it can be caused by the network, DNS servers, redirects, application performance, etc. You get a detailed timing breakdown to troubleshoot show requests.
    View the Experience Timing Breakdown docs for a detailed explanation!

      Troubleshooting Made Easy with Load Time Breakdowns( )

      Web vitals

      Gain Key Insights with Web Vitals

      Web Vitals are a set of performance metrics that are considered essential for improving user experience. They include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Total Blocking Time (TBT), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), First Contentful Paint (FCP), Time To First Byte (TTFB).
      View the Synthetics Web Vitals docs for a detailed explanation!

        Gain Key Insights with Web Vitals( )


        Integrate into any Front-end Framework, Static, and Server-Side Rendered Websites

        • Configure User Experience monitoring with Angular, React, Vue.js, and many more!
        • Simple setup with both static and server-side rendered websites
        Integrate into any Front-end Framework, Static, and Server-Side Rendered Websites( )


        Benefit from Pre-Built Dashboards

        • Benefit from out-of-the-box dashboards with performance metrics and error logs
        • Add or remove components and charts in existing reports to customize dashboards
        • Add a new report page with your favorite metrics, charts, components, and filters
        • Combine metrics and logs to cut troubleshooting time in half
        Benefit from Pre-Built Dashboards( )


        Notify Your DevOps Team About Critical Issues

        • Get alerted on both metrics and user journeys
        • Invite team members. There is no limit on the number of users!
        • Share logs and metrics with your team using role-based access control
        Notify Your DevOps Team About Critical Issues( )


        Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View

        With Split Screen you can compare any two reports. Split Screen is available across the whole product and you can open any report with events, logs, or metrics for easy correlation.

          Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View( )

          Sematext is great for monitoring SolrCloud, with out of the box dashboards and easy to setup alerts

          Chris George Chris George
          Manager, VIPConsult

          We looked into running our own Elastic Stack, and quickly realized that was a job and specialty within itself. We are a small startup and every dollar counts. Wasting precious and expensive sysadmin time on managing things far out of our project scope really isn’t an option

          Zach Aufort Zach Aufort
          CEO, BlockGen

          Sematext shows one unified view for all of our Docker log, events, and metrics!

          Ben Reichter Ben Reichter
          DevOps Engineer, Tozny

          Sematext Logs provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time

          Zach David Zach David
          Test Automation Lead – Healthgrades

          Just looking at the default graphs it was clear I can reduce my serverless resource usage on Vercel by 90%, by reducing the allocated memory. Sematext simply turns your logs in actionable data, out of the box. Costs, performance, it's all there

          Andrei Vreja Andrei Vreja
          Maker, iForge