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Saved Log Searches in Logsene

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When digging through logs you might find yourself running the same searches again and again.  To solve this annoyance, Logsene lets you save queries so you can re-execute them quickly without having to retype them:

1) Enter your query and press the “disk” icon next to the search-textbox. Give your query a friendly Query Name and press the “save” button.


2) To run a Saved Query just click on it in the Search Queries pop-out window (see screenshot below). Existing Saved Queries can be edited or deleted, too:


Logsene tracks the history of recently used queries, so it’s easy to try several queries and finally save the one that worked best for your use case. That’s why you’ll find three tabs in the saved queries popup:

  1. Recent Queries – queries that you’ve recently used, you can save them using the save button
  2. Saved Queries – queries that you’ve saved, so that you can later just execute them instead of writing them again
  3. Alert Queries – saved queries that are continuously running and that you configured to alert you when certain conditions are matched

3-Part Blog Series about Log Queries

Speaking of log queries…this post is part of our 3-part blog series to detail the different types of Queries that Logsene lets you create.  Check out the other posts about Alert Queries and Scheduled Queries.

Does this sound like something you could use?

If so, simply sign up here – there’s no commitment and no credit card required.  Small startups, startups with no or very little outside investment money, non-profit and educational institutions get special pricing – just get in touch with us.  If you’d like to help us make SPM and Logsene even better, we are hiring!