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Logs Ingress API

Logs Ingress API

The Logsene Elasticsearch API lets you use any Elasticsearch compatible library, data shipper, or service to ingest any sort of time-series/event data into Logsene. A non-exhausting list of such integrations is available. In short, you can use anything that speaks Elasticsearch.

  • Use:    Logs Ingress API
  • Use log4xxx family of libraries with Elasticsearch Adapter

Metrics and Events APIs

Metrics and Events APIs

Got Custom Metrics? Use libraries for Java, Ruby, and Node.js in your apps to send metrics to Sematext. Have Events you’d like to correlate with your Metrics or Logs? No problem! The Sematext Events API is just the Elasticsearch API!

  • Instrument your apps and send custom metrics
  • Capture and send app, business, and other events
  • Use Metrics egress API to get metrics out of Sematext

Logs Egress API

The same Logsene Elasticsearch API that let’s you get data into Sematext let’s you get data out. Just point your favourite BI/visualization tool that speaks Elasticsearch to Sematext Logsene.

  • Open source: Kibana, Grafana, Apache Zeppelin…
  • Commercial: ZoomData, Knowi…
  • Don’t forget curl! Search, scan, scroll, aggregate
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