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Elasticsearch API for logs. Influx Line Protocol API for metrics.
REST APIs for management. Simple integration with external systems.

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Logs Ingress API

Elasticsearch API for Logs

The Sematext Elasticsearch API lets you use any Elasticsearch-compatible library, data shipper, or service to ingest any sort of time-series/event data into Sematext Logs. A non-exhaustive list of integrations for logs is available. In short, you can use anything that speaks Elasticsearch REST API.

  • Ship with:
    Elasticsearch API for Logs
  • Use log4xxx family of libraries with Elasticsearch Appender
  • View with: Kibana, Grafana, Apache Zeppelin, curl ...
Metrics and Events APIs

InfluxDB API for Metrics

The Sematext Influx Line Protocol API lets you use any InfluxDB-compatible library, monitoring agent (e.g. Telegraf), or service to ingest metrics into Sematext Monitoring.

Elasticsearch API for Events

Have Events you’d like to correlate with your Metrics or Logs? No problem! The Sematext Events API is just the Elasticsearch API!