Listen to your organization’s heartbeat by capturing key events

Alerts as Events

The event stream captures all your key IT and operations events.  By default, all alerts are streamed as events. A single look at the event stream gives a good idea of the current health of your whole infrastructure and your applications:
  • Search and filter all recent and historical alerts to see trends and weak parts of your apps and infrastructure
  • Filter by time, app, type, or severity

Custom Events

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) tools like Jenkins, Travis CI, etc. emit events and can be configured to call custom WebHooks and are the obvious low-hanging fruit you can feed in as events.  Each team and organization has their own events that are meaningful to them. Feed events to Sematext to help your team run together faster.
  • Add custom events via the UI or via the REST API
  • Use REST API to send events from your automation tools – Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Salt Stack, etc.

Markdown Support

Events support Markdown, can include images, links, and more.
  • Use Markdown syntax to structure and enrich events
  • A picture is worth 1024 words. Attach screenshots or other images to share more info with your teammates.
  • Include links to JIRA or Github using Markdown syntax

Correlate Metrics-Events-Logs

What’s one thing that you can never get back once you lose it?  Hint: it’s not love.  It’s time.  Your time.  Your life.  How much of your time/life do you spend troubleshooting production issues? How often do you switch between UIs for alerts, metrics, and logs, or even your terminal? Sematext brings metrics, logs, and events together in a single UI, so you can stop the annoyingly repetitive and inefficient context switching!
  • See metrics, logs, and events all in a single UI. Put them all on the same dashboard if you want.
  • Correlate metrics, logs, and events without switching tools
  • Easily spot post-release issues by correlating release events, performance metrics, and alerts
  • Go from alert to metrics to logs and perform root cause analysis in minutes
  • Get your life back!