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Sematext Experience

Detect anomalies in real time & receive alerts when end-user experience is affected by website performance.

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Sematext Experience
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Sematext Experience provides invaluable insights that keep your business in control of how happy your customers are when interacting with your website or webapp.
Sematext Experience allows you to:

  • Reduce performance-related issues by giving you 100% visibility into what areas of your website or webapp are affecting your software-based business
  • Connect your DevOps and BizOps teams to improve customer experience
  • Get real-time alerts when a bug is affecting website or webapp performance
  • Track page loads, HTTP requests, resources, UI interactions and more
  • Inspect individual sessions and drill into page-level specifics
  • Combine the power of logs, metrics and real user monitoring under one roof with Sematext Cloud

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Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Inspect Page Load Events

  • Each page-load event is recorded and displayed on charts, giving you insight into the time spent on the back end and in the browser
  • Inspect resources, such as images, fonts, stylesheets, JavaScript files and dive into associated load times
  • Filter by URL, browser type, version, operating system, and geolocation
  • Benefit from URL grouping for both page-load events and HTTP requests
Inspect Page Load Events

Support for Single Page Applications

  • Support for major single page application frameworks such as React, Ember.js, Angular, Vue.js and many more
  • Monitor all fired HTTP requests and resources
  • Dive into page-load time and get a headstart on performance-related issues
Support for Single Page Applications

Monitor Your Apdex Score

Sematext Experience

  • Know if an HTTP request succeeded or failed and how that affected your Apdex Score
  • Analyze what your Apdex Score is and what is affecting it
  • Define threshold time for page-load responses, HTTP requests and individual on-page transactions
  • Sort through the pages or transactions that have the lowest or highest satisfaction score

Real-time Automatic Alerts

  • Detect anomalies and receive alerts when end-user experience is affected by website performance issues
  • Set up alerts for Apdex score and page load times
Sematext Experience

Map Out Business Journeys in Real-Time

  • Inspect individual sessions to discover user satisfaction and prevent customer loss due to poor performance
  • See the timeline of page load events, on-page transactions and HTTP requests made during the session
  • Troubleshoot user-reported issues faster
  • Get an overview of the percentage of error-free users
Sematext Experience

Combine the Power of Metrics, Logs, and Real User Monitoring Under One Roof

  • Integrated with Logs, Application Monitoring and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Sematext Experience combines the power of your DevOps and BizOps team with rich out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Go from metric spikes to your apps’ and servers’ logs in seconds
  • See any metrics any logs in a single unified view
  • Find similar metric patterns with built-in metric correlation

Plans and Pricing

Pricing depends on the plan as well data transfer rates per day and retention days you need.

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