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Never Lose a Customer to Bad User Experience Again

Sematext Experience provides you with invaluable insights that keep you in control of how happy your customers are when interacting with your website or webapp.

8 Reasons You Want to Get Invited

  1. Real-time Automatic Alerts. Detect anomalies and receive alerts when end-user experience is affected by website performance issues
  2. Don’t Miss a Thing. User performance monitoring that lets you track metrics such as page loads, ajax requests, resources, UI interactions and more
  3. Fully Integratable. Integrated with Logs, Application Monitoring, and Infrastructure Monitoring
  4. Improved Digital Experiences. Map your entire customers’ journey in real-time. Discover user satisfaction insights and prevent customer loss due to poor performance
  5. Inspect Individual Sessions. Inspect individual sessions and drill into page-level details
  6. Performance Thresholds. Set performance thresholds for your specific use-cases
  7. Single-Page App Support. First class support for React, Angular, Ember, Vue.js
  8. Boost Team Efficiency. Sematext Experience combines the power of your DevOps and BizOps team with rich, out of the box dashboards