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Sematext Experience

Give your customers the experience they deserve

Increase customer satisfaction by analyzing data from real user sessions. We detect anomalies and send you alerts in real-time. Enhance your front-end performance with Real User Monitoring.

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Sematext Experience

Half of the users that visit your website leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Optimizing your website or webapp for stellar performance is always a crucial goal for any software-based business. Here's how we can help you:

  • Reduce performance-related issues by having 100% visibility into what areas are affecting UX
  • Connect your DevOps and BizOps teams to manage and improve your customers' experience with real-time data and metrics
  • Get alerts in real-time when a bug is affecting performance or user satisfaction
  • Track page loads, HTTP requests, resources, UI interactions, and more!
  • Compared to Synthetic Monitoring, Real User Monitoring lets you inspect individual user sessions and page-level specifics
  • Combine the power of Logs, Metrics, and Real User Monitoring under one roof with Sematext Cloud

Free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Find slow-loading pages

Get a full resource waterfall view showing assets that are slowing down your pages including detailed load time analysis.

  • Each page-load event is recorded and displayed on charts with user activity monitoring thus giving you insight into the time spent on the back end and in the browser
  • Inspect resources, such as images, fonts, stylesheets, JavaScript files and dive into associated load times
  • Drill down into filterable data by URL, browser type, version, operating system, and geolocation
  • Benefit from URL grouping for both page-load events and HTTP requests
Inspect Page Load Events

Support for Single Page Applications

With real user measurement, you can monitor page performance and resource usage of your single-page applications.

  • Support for major SPA frameworks such as React, Ember.js, Angular, Vue.js and many more
  • Web application monitoring for all fired HTTP requests and resources
  • Dive into page-load time and get a headstart on application performance-related issues
Support for Single Page Applications

Support for Micro Frontend based Applications

Monitor performance and the user satisfaction scores from independent micro frontend apps in one place, see everything together without switching context.

  • Track page loads and HTTP requests
  • See performance metrics for each individual application part
  • Combine and correlate performance metrics from application parts spread across multiple servers
  • Get alerts in real-time when an application part is affecting performance or user satisfaction
  • Set team based notifications when creating alert rules
  • Get started in seconds with quick installation
Sematext Experience Micro Frontend

Monitor Your Apdex Score

Identify performance bottlenecks to ensure high user satisfaction by measuring the page load speeds of your website or webapp.

  • Know if an HTTP request succeeded or failed and how that affected your Apdex Score
  • Analyze what your Apdex Score is and what is affecting it
  • Define threshold time for page-load responses, HTTP requests, and individual on-page transactions
  • Sort through the pages or transactions that have the lowest or highest satisfaction score
Sematext Experience

Get Real-time Automatic Alerts

Be the first to know when your customers encounter website performance issues with automatic alerting.

  • Detect anomalies and receive real-time alerts when end-user experience is affected by page speed
  • Set up alerts for Apdex score and page load times
Sematext Experience

Map Out Business Journeys in Real-Time

Retrace real user journeys and see where and why they encountered performance issues such as slow page loading or errors.

  • Get individual visit reporting to discover user satisfaction and prevent customer loss due to poor performance
  • See the timeline of page load events, on-page transactions and HTTP requests made during the session
  • Troubleshoot user-reported issues faster
  • Get an overview of the percentage of error-free users and detailed crash reporting
Sematext Experience

Combine the Power of Metrics, Logs, and Real User Monitoring Under One Roof

Stop monitoring software, start monitoring real customer satisfaction. Troubleshoot performance issues proactively and detect potential business impact and opportunities with real-time data.

  • End-user experience monitoring integrated with Logs, Application Performance Monitoring (APM), and Infrastructure Monitoring tools
  • Sematext Experience combines the power of your DevOps and BizOps team with rich out-of-the-box dashboards
  • Go from metric spikes to your apps' and servers' logs in seconds
  • See any performance metrics and logs in a single unified view
  • Find similar metric patterns with built-in metric correlation

Intuitive Insight into Web Vitals

Monitor Core Web Vitals out-of-the-box. Gain insight into LCP, FID, CLS, FCP, and many more.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures page-load performance
  • First Input Delay (FID) measures website interactivity
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) measures visual stability of the web page
Web Vitals

100+ OOTB Integrations

Use any of the compatible log shippers, logging libraries, platforms, and frameworks to make the most out of your logs. We provide over 100 apps and native integrations to give you out-of-the-box visibility into the technologies that power your applications.

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Our Deliant Application Monitoring & Troubleshooting has become simplified with Sematext Cloud.
Sematext Cloud provides the best APM characteristics to visualize our organization's architecture, its state of operation, and health status in its dashboard. Troubleshooting is done fast with the help of its user logs, metrics, and traces in a single unified view. Using Application token and API keys, we gain effective control over our log access, and each log is encrypted with TLS/SSL standards. It provides real-time anomaly detection whenever there is a drastic deviation in log counts. Archiving these logs is also effortless thanks to its seamless integration with Amazon S3.

Komal J. Software Developer