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SPM Client is available in two versions:

The Embedded version can be used only for monitoring Java-based applications since it runs as a Java Agent inside the Java process.  With the Embedded monitor, when setting up SPM for the first time or when upgrading the monitor, one needs to change the command-line and restart the process in which the monitor is running (i.e., the process of the application being monitored), but once that is done, the monitor runs nicely in-process.  See SPM Monitor - Javaagent for more info.

The Standalone version runs in a separate process and can thus be used for monitoring both Java and non-Java-based applications. If access to JMX is required and the application to monitor does not have JMX enabled, one will have to adjust application's command-line parameters to enable JMX and that will require application process restart.  However, once that is set up, subsequent SPM client updates will not require the application restart.  See SPM Monitor - Standalone for more info.