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Keep tabs on your environments by utilizing different types of Alerts or Anomaly Detection and connecting them to Slack, PagerDuty, and other ChatOps tools, email, mobile push notifications, etc.

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Metrics & Log Alerts: Anomalies, Thresholds, and Heartbeats

The event stream captures all your key IT and operations events. By default, all alerts are streamed as events. A single look at the event stream gives a good idea of the current health of your whole infrastructure and your applications:

  • Create an alert rule on any metric or any log stream
  • Use metric filters to narrow down alert rules (e.g., alert when any host tagged with “type:elasticsearch” and “role:datanode” has cpu > 80%), requiring no reconfiguration as new nodes join and are tagged
  • Choose between threshold-based alerts and anomaly detection underpinned by a number of statistical algorithms trained to detect when data deviates from the norm
  • Get notified when application fails to report metrics or logs within a given time frame, set by you, giving you full control over notification speed and sensitivity
  • Turn any log search into an alert query (e.g., alert when count of logs matching “severity:ERROR or exception” > 100/min)
  • Set priority level for your alerts
Metrics & Log Alerts

Just like when you use Infrastructure Monitoring you get charts and dashboards out of the box, we also give you smart default alerts so you don’t have to create them.

Alert Notification Hooks

You can ship your Sematext alerts wherever you need to:

  • Use existing integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, VictorOps, OpsGenie, etc.
  • Send alert priority level to third party integrations
  • Have a custom WebHook you’d like to call? No problem – define the endpoint, format (JSON, HTTP params, form-encoded), optional URL parameters and optional HTTP request headers.
  • Want alerts via email? That’s the default, of course.
    Email notifications include embedded charts, so you can quickly assess the situation.
  • Like to get your alert notifications via your mobile device?
    Use Pushover integration!
  • Still using Nagios? Yes, you can get your Sematext alerts sent to Nagios.
  • Need to ship your Sematext alerts somewhere else?
    Use Zapier integration.
Alert Notification Hooks