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Welcome to Sematext Docs!

Welcome to Sematext, a full-stack observability tool where you can combine metrics and logs, with custom alerts, in any way you want! Have everything in one place.

If you’re new here, read below for a high-level overview of Sematext.

Latest Updates

Stay informed about the most recent developments in our product and agent releases.

How Sematext works

Sematext integrations let you collect metrics, logs and events across your whole stack from frontend to backend. Our solution goes beyond collecting metrics and detects anomalies, uncovers your slowest transactions, communication between servers and applications, etc.

We expose an Elasticsearch API. Sematext works with all standard log shippers and agents you're already used to, such as syslog, Logstash, Fluentd, Filebeat, Vector, NXLog, log4j and many others, and integrates in minutes.

With Experience you can monitor your frontend or website performance and receive alerts when end-user experience is affected by performance. Sematext Experience provides invaluable insights that keep your business in control of how happy your customers are when interacting with your website or webapp.

With Synthetics you can monitor your website uptime, API performance and availability, user journeys in your webapp, and more from a number of different locations in the world.

Sematext Cloud is a SaaS available in multiple locations, so you can choose where your data is stored. Sematext Enterprise is a non-SaaS version you can deploy on your own infrastructure.

Data shipped to Sematext is grouped into Apps. Integrations are ways to monitor, collect logs, and other data from numerous different types of software and tools, as well as deliver data to external systems, such as alert notifications.


Sematext provides over 100+ built-in integrations used to collect metrics from servers, VMs, containers, logs, services, frontend, send alert notifications, etc.

We also provide you with easy to install Agents that collect data about your software and send it to Sematext.

But, also an open API you can use.

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at