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Sematext Docker Agent Overview

Please note Sematext Docker Agent is deprecated!

Please refer to Container Monitoring to set up Sematext Agent for Metrics and Container Logs to set up Logagent

More about Docker Monitoring with Sematext


Sematext Docker Agent is a modern, Docker-native monitoring and log collection agent. It runs as a tiny container on every Docker host and collects logs, metrics, and events for all cluster nodes and their containers.

The agent discovers all containers on all nodes managed by Docker Swarm, Docker Cloud, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Rancher or Mesos. After the deployment all logs, Docker events, and metrics are immediately available out of the box and stored on premise using Sematext Enterprise or on AWS Sematext Cloud service.

Sematext Docker Agent Diagram

Sematext Cloud integration for Docker uses the open-source Docker monitoring agent available on Docker Registry as a ready-to-go sematext-agent-docker image.

Type Description
Operating System Metrics

Host machine metrics

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Network Stats
  • Disk I/O Stats
Docker Container Metrics/Stats
  • CPU Usage / limits
  • Memory Usage / Limits / Fail Counters
  • Network Stats
  • Disk I/O Stats
Agent Startup Event server-info – created by spm-agent framework with node.js and OS version info on startup. Please note the agent is implemented in node.js.
Docker-info – Docker Version, API Version, Kernel Version on startup
Docker Events Container Lifecycle Events| create, exec_create, destroy, export, ...
Container Runtime Events die, exec_start, kill, pause, restart, start, stop, unpause, ...
Docker Logs
Default Fields
  • hostname / IP address
  • container id
  • container name
  • image name
  • message

Log formats

(detection and log parsers)

Supported Platforms

  • Docker >= 1.6
  • Platforms using Docker:
    • Docker Community Edition (CE)
    • Docker Enterprise Edition (EE)
    • Kubernetes
    • Red Hat OpenShift
    • Rancher
    • Mesos
    • CoreOS
    • Amazon ECS
    • DEIS PaaS

Certified and Public Images

There are several places to obtain Sematext Docker Agent images:

Docker Certified images in the Docker Store

docker pull store/sematext/sematext-agent-docker

Red Hat certified images in the Red Hat Container Catalog

docker login
docker pull

Public images from Docker Hub

docker pull sematext/sematext-agent-docker

Github Repository

Latest information for sematext-agent-docker and open issues.