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The Sematext Agent automatically collects the following tags and sends them periodically to Sematext Cloud. It is not recommended to use these names for your own, custom tags.

Cloud Tags

The cloud metadata from AWS, Azure and GCE instances are collected as tags. They're mapped to the tag.

Name Tag Name Supported Cloud Providers
Provider Type cloud.type AWS, GCE, Azure
Instance Identifier AWS, GCE, Azure
Instance Name Azure, GCE
Instance Type cloud.instance.type AWS, GCE, Azure
Region cloud.region AWS, Azure
Availability Zone AWS, GCE
Project Identifier cloud.project GCE
User-defined tags - AWS, GCE, Azure

To collect user-defined cloud tags from AWS, Azure or GCE environment you need to define the IAM roles listed below:

  1. AWS - EC2 Instances should be created with AWS IAM Role that has policy AmazonEC2ReadOnlyAccess. See AWS/EC2 User Guide for more info.
  2. Azure - To fetch resource tags for Virtual Machines, you need to grant Reader role to its Resource Group in Azure Resource Manager. See Access Azure Resource Manager API for more info.
  3. GCE - In GCE user-defined tags are called labels. To read labels, the instance needs roles/compute.viewer IAM role. See Granting Roles to Service Accounts for more info.

Cloud tags collection is enabled by default. To disable Cloud tags collection set cloud.metadata-enabled to false in /opt/spm/properties/st-agent.yml and restart spm-monitor using sudo service spm-monitor restart.

Machine Tags

Following tags are collected from the host the Sematext Agent is running on. They're mapped to the tag.

Name Tag Name Description
SystemUUID os.uuid Unique ID based on SMBIOS specification
OS Distribution Name Distribution name of the OS. e.g. ubuntu
OS Distribution Version os.distro.version Version of the OS. e.g. 16.04
Kernel Version os.kernel Version of the Kernel. e.g. 4.4.0-130-generic
JVM Version jvm.version Version of JVM, if available in PATH
Virtualization virtualization Virtualization Type. Possible values are BareMetal, VM, Container
Container Labels - All user-defined container labels. These tag are mapped to and