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HAProxy Monitoring

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HAProxy Monitoring

Use powerful monitoring tools to perform insightful HAProxy health checks. Get built-in performance dashboards for real-time visibility into the metrics, logs, and events of your TCP/HTTP load balancer.


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Use powerful monitoring tools to perform insightful HAProxy health checks. Get built-in performance dashboards for real-time visibility into the metrics, logs, and events of your TCP/HTTP load balancer.

What is HAProxy

What Is HAProxy?

HAProxy is a popular, open-source software load balancer. You’d put it in front of web servers or any other services that work over HTTP or TCP, so they can be reached in a round robin or a least-used fashion. HAProxy has other features useful in this context, such as rate limiting or handling authentication.

Since HAProxy is often the gateway to important services, you’ll want to know it’s healthy and performing well. With its wide collection of HAProxy metrics, Sematext Monitoring makes this easy and efficient.

    What you get

    Spot and Eliminate HAProxy Performance Issues Easily

    Sematext’s HAProxy monitoring tools allow you to troubleshoot errors and slowdowns faster. With a single, central dashboard for all your logs, metrics, and alerts, you can stay on top of potential bottlenecks and perform root cause analysis.

    • Get alerted before the number of sessions gets close to the limit
    • Notice when CPU, network or swap get in the way of your service performance
    • Get notified on abnormal number of errors or denied access
    • Break down traffic, sessions and failures by frontends or backends to get to the source of errors/slowdowns faster
    Spot and Eliminate HAProxy Performance Issues Easily( )


    Check HAProxy Backend and Frontend Metrics

    Monitor all the key HAProxy metrics needed to efficiently run an HAProxy server and ensure performant and responsive web applications. Sematext’s HAProxy monitoring tool gives you access to manage system as well as load balancing frontend and backend stats, including:

    • Session rates and number of sessions
    • Bytes in and out of each frontend and backend, including individual servers
    • Errors, warnings and access denied events
    • Backend server states: active/backup, downtime, weights, etc.
    • CPU metrics broken down by type: user, system, IOwait, etc.
    • Memory, disk and network metrics

    Check the HAProxy monitoring documentation for a detailed list of the HAProxy metrics provided!

    Check HAProxy Backend and Frontend Metrics( )


    Enhance Troubleshooting with Enriched HAProxy Logs

    With Sematext’s HAProxy dashboard you can easily correlate logs and metrics to understand better why errors and latency occur. Monitored and analyzed together, they help optimize resource usage, ensure continuous service availability, and strengthen security.

    • Collect HAProxy access logs to analyze patterns in traffic sources and destinations
    • Further debug performance issues by analyzing HAProxy profiling logs
    • Get alerted on critical events, such as a HAProxy crash or an unexpected restart
    • Send HAProxy logs directly to Sematext via syslog, or with your favorite syslog daemon, or even other log shippers such as Logstash
    Enhance Troubleshooting with Enriched HAProxy Logs( )


    Benefit from Pre-Built Monitoring Dashboards

    Sematext gives you out-of-the-box dashboards to continuously monitor the availability, health, and performance of your system.

    • Get out-of-the-box monitoring charts
    • Add or remove components and charts in existing reports to customize dashboards
    • Add a new report page with your favorite metrics, charts, components, and filters
    • Combine metrics and logs to cut troubleshooting time in half
    Benefit from Pre-Built Monitoring Dashboards( )


    Notify Your DevOps Team About Critical Issues

    Sematext allows you to stay on top of performance issues with customizable monitoring and alerting on any combination of metrics, filters, and logs.

    • Set up anomaly detection or threshold alerts
    • Send notifications to Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, custom Webhooks, email, etc.
    • Invite team members. There is no limit on the number of users!
    • Share logs and metrics with your team using role-based access control
    Notify Your DevOps Team About Critical Issues( )


    Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View

    With Split Screen you can compare any two reports. Split Screen is available across the whole product and you can open any report with events, logs, or metrics for easy correlation.

      Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View( )


      Start Monitoring Your System in Seconds

      Sematext features a simple monitoring agent setup with extremely low overhead.

      • Install the Sematext Agent in seconds.
      • Supported across any environment, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and more
      • Use Discovery to discover and monitor services inside containers
      • Select which performance metrics and logs to collect from the UI
      Start Monitoring Your System in Seconds( )

      Plans and pricing

      Plans and Pricing

      Sematext Monitoring pricing starts at $3.6/host/month. There are no long-term commitments necessary, and the cost is usage-based. Monthly cost estimates for the current month are displayed in Sematext during the free trial to avoid any surprises and 100% transparency.


        Get Meaningful Insights for Effective Monitoring

        Get dozens of key metrics and logs at your fingertips. Sematext Monitoring offers robust and reliable tools to ensure the functionality and high availability of your applications and services.

        • Ensure minimal downtime
        • Benefit from predictable resource usage
        • Scale effectively based on load
        • Starts as low as $3.6/host/month
        Get Meaningful Insights for Effective Monitoring( )

        Sematext Logs provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time

        Zach David Zach David
        Test Automation Lead – Healthgrades

        We looked into running our own Elastic Stack, and quickly realized that was a job and specialty within itself. We are a small startup and every dollar counts. Wasting precious and expensive sysadmin time on managing things far out of our project scope really isn’t an option

        Zach Aufort Zach Aufort
        CEO, BlockGen

        Sematext shows one unified view for all of our Docker log, events, and metrics!

        Ben Reichter Ben Reichter
        DevOps Engineer, Tozny

        Sematext is great for monitoring SolrCloud, with out of the box dashboards and easy to setup alerts

        Chris George Chris George
        Manager, VIPConsult

        Just looking at the default graphs it was clear I can reduce my serverless resource usage on Vercel by 90%, by reducing the allocated memory. Sematext simply turns your logs in actionable data, out of the box. Costs, performance, it's all there

        Andrei Vreja Andrei Vreja
        Maker, iForge