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Our platform provides ready to use monitoring agents and log shippers.
It exposes the Elasticsearch API and syslog receivers, so you use your favorite open-source tools to get data in or out of Sematext.

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Powerful Searching and Filtering

Ready Made Dashboards

Create a monitoring app. Install the agent. Invite teammates. It takes only 5 minutes.
You won’t need to figure out what to monitor or how to collect key metrics. We’ve done that for you.
Want custom Dashboards? No problem!

Syslog Support

Default Set of Alerts

If you’re monitoring a JVM app, you’ll find alert rules for JVM heap. If you’re monitoring Elasticsearch you’ll see anomaly detection rule for the number of nodes in your cluster. Don’t like your default roles? Delete or disable them and add your own!

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  • Elasticsearch API

    Sematext Logs exposes the Elasticsearch API that thrives in the center of the rich ecosystem of data shipping, analysis and visualization tools and services.

    • Use any data shipper with Elasticsearch output to send your data to Sematext Cloud in a jiffy
    • Use any visualization or analysis tool with Elasticsearch support to get your data out of Elasticsearch – Kibana, Grafana, Apache Zeppelin, Zoomdata, etc.
    • Use the Sematext Logs Elasticsearch API for indexing, searching, aggregations, scan and scroll with curl or any Elasticsearch client library
    • Run an in-house Elastic/ELK Stack, tired of managing it, and want to give Sematext a go? Keep using your existing data shippers like Logstash, Filebeat, or Fluentd and just point them to Sematext HTTP API using your app token as your index.

    Influx API for Metrics

    • The Sematext Influx Line Protocol API lets you use any InfluxDB-compatible library, monitoring agent (e.g. Telegraf), or service to ingest metrics into Sematext Monitoring.
    Elasticsearch API

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