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Vercel Logs & Website monitoring

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Vercel Logs & Website monitoring

Gain insights into your entire Vercel account

Monitor Vercel projects' performance with Synthetics and troubleshoot performance issues by having immediate access to logs.


  • Analyze all data about your Vercel projects in one place
  • Monitor your websites availability with Sematext Synthetics
  • Get alerted about performance issues
  • Benefit from all-in-one platform features

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Gain insights into your entire Vercel account

Vercel Synthetics

Vercel Synthetics Integration

  • Track Vercel projects performance metrics and availability instantly
  • Deliver fast, reliable websites with almost no setup
  • Map Vercel projects to Synthetic Apps and get started in seconds
  • Set up alerts and notify related teams
  • Combine with Sematext Vercel Logs to find the root cause of performance issues by correlating with errors in logs
Vercel Synthetics Integration( )

Vercel Logs

Vercel Logs Integration

  • Set up log collection from Vercel apps, get started in seconds
  • Logs are parsed and structured out of the box
  • Benefit from out-of-the-box Vercel dashboards, focus on what matters
  • Find the root cause of performance issues of your Vercel powered websites by inspecting Vercel logs
  • Set up alert rules and notify related teams to take immediate action
  • Ensure minimal downtime for your websites
Vercel Logs Integration( )

All-in-one platform

Correlate Vercel Logs & Synthetics metrics

  • Use Split Screen to correlate Vercel projects availability metrics and logs
  • Build custom Dashboards and combine Vercel projects performance metrics and logs in the same page
  • Use scheduled reports to get reports at certain intervals delivered via email
  • Set up alert rules for both metrics and logs, correlate and investigate the root cause, cut the troubleshooting time in half
  • Invite team members. There is no limit on the number of users or additional costs!
  • Share metrics and logs with your team using role-based access control
Correlate Vercel Logs & Synthetics metrics( )


Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View

With Split Screen you can compare any two reports. Split Screen is available across the whole product and you can open any report with events, logs, or metrics for easy correlation.

    Compare Any Two Reports in a Single View( )

    Sematext shows one unified view for all of our Docker log, events, and metrics!

    Ben Reichter Ben Reichter
    DevOps Engineer, Tozny

    Sematext Logs provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time

    Zach David Zach David
    Test Automation Lead – Healthgrades

    Just looking at the default graphs it was clear I can reduce my serverless resource usage on Vercel by 90%, by reducing the allocated memory. Sematext simply turns your logs in actionable data, out of the box. Costs, performance, it's all there

    Andrei Vreja Andrei Vreja
    Maker, iForge

    We looked into running our own Elastic Stack, and quickly realized that was a job and specialty within itself. We are a small startup and every dollar counts. Wasting precious and expensive sysadmin time on managing things far out of our project scope really isn’t an option

    Zach Aufort Zach Aufort
    CEO, BlockGen

    Sematext is great for monitoring SolrCloud, with out of the box dashboards and easy to setup alerts

    Chris George Chris George
    Manager, VIPConsult