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Globally distributed organization that builds innovative Cloud and On Premise solutions

About Sematext

About Sematext

Sematext runs Sematext Cloud – infrastructure and application performance monitoring and log management solution that gives businesses full-stack visibility by exposing logs, metrics and traces through a single Cloud or On Premise solution. Sematext also provides Consulting, Training, and Production Support for Elasticsearch, the ELK/Elastic Stack, and Apache Solr.

Unlike other vendors who typically offer only performance monitoring tools, or only logging tools, or only Big Data consulting services, etc., Sematext pulls together all of these related core competencies that organizations need to make informed decisions from their data into one solution suite of products and services.

Brief History

Brief History

Sematext was founded by Otis Gospodnetić, a Lucene and Solr expert, co-author of Lucene in Action (1st and 2nd editions), and a member of Lucene, Solr, Nutch, and Mahout development teams. The company is entirely self-funded and has been profitable and cash flow positive from day one without ever taking on debt or external funding.

Over time we have established presence in a number of countries and on several continents, which allows us to easily serve our diverse clientele from Fortune 100 organizations to startups — and everything in between — 24/7 across different time zones.

  • Spring 2010

    Sematext launched as Sematext International Initially a consulting shop focused on Apache Lucene and Apache Solr, later adding coverage for Elasticsearch and ELK Stack

  • Fall 2013

    Sematext Monitoring launched Initially providing monitoring for Apache Solr and Elasticsearch with additional integrations coming later

  • Summer 2014

    Sematext Logs launched The first Elasticsearch as a Service SaaS on the market. Industry first tight integration of performance metrics and logs

  • Summer 2015

    Distributed Transaction Tracing launched. Sematext is the first vendor to provide the three pillars of observability: monitoring, logs, and tracing

  • Summer 2017

    Sematext Cloud launched both in North America and Europe

  • Summer 2017

    First ever all hands gathering in Split, Croatia

  • Summer 2017

    20 people

  • 2018

    Team gathering in Barcelona

  • 2019

    Sematext Experience launched. Team gathering in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • 2020

    Synthetic Monitoring launched

How we work

How we work

Fully-distributed team, with members distributed over several continents. Although small, we are widely recognized for our expertise and are highly regarded – our clients come to us not because of our marketing, but because they hear we do good work. Expectations are high but in a collaborative, mentoring, team-first environment that promotes the success of our products as well as individuals.

Sematext engineers report that the biggest benefit of the fully distributed team is being able to really focus on one’s work, and thus produce great things.

How We Work

Meet the team

We are a fully distributed team, spread across several continents

Otis Gospodnetić

Otis Gospodnetić Founder

Lucene and Solr veteran, book author, loves search, data, trend graphs, and all things marine.

Radu Gheorghe

Radu Gheorghe Software Engineer

Always strives for clean, simple, efficient designs. Big data makes the effort worthwhile, because you can feel the difference from Day One.

Davor Obilinović

Davor Obilinović Software Engineer

Full stack developer with passion for front-end development. Also experienced with Java and AWS technologies.

Denisa Tudor

Denisa Tudor Chief Marketing Officer

Ph.D. in Communication Studies. Experienced communication practitioner, passionate about Big Data and consumer behavior.

Marko Bonaći

Marko Bonaći Software Engineer

Experienced Java and JavaScript developer. Currently focused on React. Spark in Action co-author. Likes exploring new technologies, when his twins allow.

Jorge Moreno

Jorge Moreno Front-End Engineer

Wide experience on User Interface development with a background in Arts and Design. Always interested on the creative and visual aspects of programming with JavaScript, CSS, SVG… Open Source devotee and bicycle touring lover!

Euan Clark

Euan Clark Search Architect

Veteran 27 years experience as developer, architect, technical lead. Current focus on Elasticsearch, Node.JS, Go, Terraform and Backend.

Haris Ovčina

Haris Ovčina Product Designer

Architect turned product designer, always looking for ways on how to improve current processes and make them ever so slightly useful and more beautiful.

Amir Muminovic

Amir Muminovic Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer with a focus on full-stack web development with Node.js, React, and Java. Currently exploring Go, Rust, and new ways to apply data science knowledge.

Haris Salman

Haris Salman Software Engineer

Software engineer with an interest in security, learning more and more every day. Likes to watch history documentaries and occasionally dabbles in creative writing.

Ajdin Hadžić

Ajdin Hadžić Front-End Developer

JavaScript Front-End developer currently exploring the depths of React and TypeScript. When I’m not programming I’m creating fantasy worlds as creative writing is one of my passions.

Yago Fernandez

Yago Fernandez Software Engineer

Software engineer in the mornings, bookworm in the afternoons. He likes to understand the inner workings of things and reads philosophy.

Fulya Ulutürk

Fulya Ulutürk Product Manager

Experienced in Log Management & Monitoring products. Architectural and engineering manager background, now focused on product vision and strategy.

Sulejman Mujić

Sulejman Mujić Software Engineer

Software engineer interested in low level programming and electronics. Likes to spend free time experimenting wtih FPGAs, compilers and emulators.

Pablo Beltrán

Pablo Beltrán Software Engineer

Focused on backend development in Go and Kotlin as well as technical writing. Likes self-hosting, reading and adventure sports in the sea and the mountain.

Seán Monahan

Seán Monahan Customer Success Manager

With a keen interest in sales and technology, I work alongside the engineering team to ensure that our customers and new users have the best possible experience with us. I spend most of my free time watching & reading about rugby.

Caleb Bruski

Caleb Bruski Content Marketer

Content creator and digital marketer. I enjoy learning new skills and have a borderline unhealthy obsession with new tech. Passionate about friends, family, and rock climbing.

Soham Chakraborty

Soham Chakraborty Systems Administrator/SRE

Deep experience on Linux based systems, specializing in system performance, cost management, architecture planning. He prefers to debug a problem till the very end and find a resolution. These days, he likes to do automate everything in his job and put it in git.

Gabriela Deleanu

Gabriela Deleanu Marketing Coordinator

Experienced digital marketer with a customer-focused approach. Always curious to hear what our users have to say.

Andreea Alexandrescu

Andreea Alexandrescu Junior Marketing Coordinator

Digital marketer passionate about marketing research, social media, and mastering new skills. I enjoy spending my free time reading and weightlifting.

Anca Coanda

Anca Coanda Junior Marketing Coordinator

Curious-minded, always ready to discover more and more about anything and everything. Showcasing the most relevant and interesting aspects of products in a creative and efficient way is what brings joy to my days and last, but not least I am a Daydreamer and a Nightthinker.

Emina Huskić

Emina Huskić Software Engineer

With some experience in Ruby, Java, JavaScript, React, and currently exploring TypeScript & Go. When I am not typing code and drinking coffee, you’ll find me either on a ski trip, on a hike, or swimming in the ocean.

Hasan Wajahat

Hasan Wajahat Software Engineer

Software Engineer with a focus on all things Frontend. Currently learning how to code in GO and build complex backends. When possible loves reading Sci-fi or watching movies.

Nicolae Vartolomei

Nicolae Vartolomei Elasticsearch Solutions Architect

Curious about complicated things and how they work down to every small detail. I am passionate about technology, travelling and photography.

Michael Higham

Michael Higham Technical Support Engineer

Technical Engineer with a background in Application/Tech Support. Always striving to unravel the cause and solve the mystery. Strong interest in Linux and low level electronics. Loves an adventure, traveling and experiencing new food and cultures.

Sarthak Gupta

Sarthak Gupta DevOps Engineer

I have worked in many domains/technologies in the past, such as Blockchain, Health Care, etc. I start my day with a morning walk, get a cup of coffee, and then go back to work. I love Chinese and sea food.

Alex Nguyen

Alex Nguyen Customer Success Manager

I am responsible for onboarding new users and making sure they get the most out of our platform. I am always interested in learning and I am passionate about extreme sports such as Bmx, surfing, and kitesurfing.

Pavao Zornija

Pavao Zornija Software Engineer

Software engineer with an interest in learning about exciting technologies and new business domains. Currently getting involved with Go. Loves to travel and work out.

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