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Infrastructure Monitoring

Full Stack Infrastructure Monitoring

Map and monitor your whole infrastructure in real-time with Sematext Monitoring tools, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Cloud-ready Integrations

Numerous integrations let you collect and report metrics and events across your whole stack. Get a real-time view of your enterprise or cloud infrastructure.

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Sematext Integrations

Server Monitoring

See metrics about the past and present utilization of all your servers and cloud instances

  • See CPU, memory, disk usage, and IO, network, load, and other metrics
  • Filter using tags, hosts, disks, network interfaces and more
  • Get the big picture with an aggregate top-down view for all your infrastructure
  • Get alerts on any metric and use visualizations for capacity planning

Container Monitoring

Visualize Docker data in real-time. Correlate container metrics and logs for easy troubleshooting

  • See container-specific metrics for CPU, memory, disk usage, IO, network, load, and much more
  • Correlate container metrics and logs for faster troubleshooting
  • Get logs parsed, structured, enriched, masked, and more for flexible reporting and fast search
  • Alert on any Docker host or container metric or log pattern

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Container Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring

Gain visibility into all the components of a Kubernetes environment with more than 40 prebuild dashboards

  • Get metrics, logs and events from all Kubernetes components
  • Track your Kubernetes cluster performance and health with ease
  • Fast troubleshooting of individual control plane or node components and addons
  • Receive automatic alerts about issues with Pods, Deployments, cluster resources, ...
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Kubernetes Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Get a complete overview of your MySQL or MariaDB health whether you are running databases on your own infrastructure or using Amazon RDS.

  • Connection details (used connections, aborted clients…)
  • Threads, open files, cache usage
  • Traffic in and out of DB, queries/questions details, slow queries count, select/sort usage stats
  • Tables, handlers metrics
  • Detailed MyISAM and InnoDB engines stats

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Transaction Tracing

Use Transaction Tracing to go beyond just exposed metrics and uncover your slowest database transactions. If your apps use JDBC to talk to your Database, you can also:

  • Find slow database operations
  • View full SQL statements
  • See end-to-end HTTP transaction context, through multiple tiers, including full call traces
  • Get top 10 operations by throughput, latency, or time consumed
  • Filter database operations by type

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Network Monitoring

Sematext Cloud will not only monitor your infrastructure, its metrics, and health but will also build NetMaps – snazzy, real-time map visualizations of your whole network topology with all your monitored servers and containers. It auto-discovers and collects communication data such as receive and transmit rates in aggregate and segmented by port. It enables you to:

  • View your complete infrastructure as a dynamic network map
  • Perform network performance monitoring with real-time receive and transmit rates and ports used for communication
  • Explore multiple map views with zooming, panning, and filtering
  • Control monitored network interfaces and filter out uninteresting endpoints

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Predefined Alert Rules

Sematext automatically creates a set of default alert rules based on pre-defined conditions in important metrics.

  • High average CPU usage
  • High and Critical CPU iowait time
  • High system load
  • Low and Critical system available memory
  • High and Critical disk space utilization
  • High and Critical system process space utilization

Alerting on Logs

You can alert on metrics, as well as logs.

  • It’s simple: run a query, save it as an alert query, optionally select additional notification hooks like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.
  • Use query filters to narrow down on logs you really want to alert on – e.g. severity:ERROR
  • Use threshold-based alerts if you have specific thresholds and get notified when the number of logs hits the threshold
  • Use anomaly detection to be alerted on sudden abnormalities in your logs and let statistical algorithms find abnormal log counts
  • Set priority level for your alerts, pass it to third party integrations.

Inventory Monitoring

  • Capture all package installation, update, and removal events details - which package, which user, which machine, etc.
  • Quickly find all servers or containers with vulnerable packages
  • Compare any two machines and find mismatched packages
  • Search, filter and group packages, machines, and other inventory data
  • Group infrastructure into distinct sets to quickly identify misconfigured infrastructure
  • Collect machine metadata such as the number of CPUs, memory or storage capacity, operating system version, and hardware architecture and discovers and collects information about software packages
  • Track all hardware configurations (number of CPUs, memory, storage capacity, ...)
Inventory Monitoring

Correlate Metrics & Logs in a Unified View

Combine metrics with application and server logs, events, alerts, anomalies, and more to monitor and troubleshoot faster from a single dashboard

  • Go from metric spikes to your apps’ and servers’ logs in seconds
  • Get to the root cause in minutes
  • Forget about ssh-ing to servers and grepping logs
  • See any metric any logs in a single unified same view
  • Find similar metric patterns with built-in metric correlation
  • Get multiple tools with just one unified infrastructure monitoring tool.

APIs and Custom Metrics

Sematext is built by DevOps for DevOps. Custom Metrics? APIs? We’ve got’em!

  • Open HTTP APIs let you ship Custom Metrics from your apps
  • Instrument your apps and send custom metrics
  • Capture and send app, business, and other events
  • Open-source metrics libraries for Java, Ruby, and Node.js
  • Use APIs for alert automation and more

100+ OOTB Integrations

Use any of the compatible log shippers, logging libraries, platforms, and frameworks to make the most out of your logs. We provide over 100 apps and native integrations to give you out-of-the-box visibility into the technologies that power your applications.

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Our Deliant Application Monitoring & Troubleshooting has become simplified with Sematext Cloud.
Sematext Cloud provides the best APM characteristics to visualize our organization's architecture, its state of operation, and health status in its dashboard. Troubleshooting is done fast with the help of its user logs, metrics, and traces in a single unified view. Using Application token and API keys, we gain effective control over our log access, and each log is encrypted with TLS/SSL standards. It provides real-time anomaly detection whenever there is a drastic deviation in log counts. Archiving these logs is also effortless thanks to its seamless integration with Amazon S3.

Komal J. Software Developer