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From Fortune 100 to Startups

Our Elasticsearch & Apache Solr expertise is as good as there is in the industry. That is how we have built a client list ranging from Fortune 100 organizations down to innovative startups and everything in between.

In fact, many of our customers have reengaged us a second or third time. Sematext provides comprehensive service to each client: from consulting and development support, production support to proprietary solutions and Solr & Elasticsearch training.

We are agile and globally distributed; our team is spread over several time zones and continents, and includes book authors, conference speakers, and expert open-source developers.

Dan Galperin

“We chose Solr/Lucene as our search platform for We had a very short timeline to put together a production level solution; reaching out to Sematext for help was a right call. The team at Sematext is amongst the best professionals we’ve worked with. Fast, responsive, to the point, with the depth of knowledge that is required to create a sophisticated search solution in a short period of time.”

Dan Galperin Director Technology Kobo, Inc.

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Solr Consulting

We help customers troubleshoot and optimize your Apache Solr.

Elasticsearch Consulting

Let us architect, scale, and optimize your Elasticsearch to reduce your costs.

ELK Stack Consulting

We can optimize your Elastic Stack or you can choose to use our managed ELK SaaS.

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