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We’ve helped numerous organizations around the globe

Our customers are both enterprise and consumer-oriented companies, some large and multinational, others small and local. While the bulk of our customers are in North America, we’ve also helped organizations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Sematext Customers
Thomson Reuters
Dell EMC
Lockheed Martin
Library of Congress

Case Studies

Fenom Digital Case Study

Fenom Digital Case Study

Digital transformation agency that delivers transformative end-to-end customer experiences

Dawn Patrol Case Study

Dawn Patrol Case Study

The App that makes your Apple Watch a Surf Watch. Track your waves, Relive your surf and Share your session

Benchprep Case Study

Benchprep Case Study

Benchprep is a pioneer in the modern learning space, digitally transforming professional learning.

ATLIST Case Study

ATLIST Case Study

Web platform which helps independent properties enhance the guest experience and maximize profit.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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read some of the feedback received from customers across the globe

Sematext Cloud has been a game-changer for us, with its transparent pricing, powerful log analysis features, and expert support, making it an invaluable tool that has exceeded our expectations.

Thomas Kremmel
Managing Director, Project Manager & Software Developer. Codista

Just looking at the default graphs it was clear I can reduce my serverless resource usage on Vercel by 90%, by reducing the allocated memory. Sematext simply turns your logs in actionable data, out of the box. Costs, performance, it's all there.

Andrei Vreja, Maker

We’ve had an incredibly positive experience with Sematext. From the team’s initial responsiveness to their expertise in helping us migrate from Solr to SolrCloud in just a few short weeks, the team has been invaluable to us. We had the chance to work with Radu and would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Sanjay Jain, Founder & CEO

We chose Solr/Lucene as our search platform for We had a very short timeline to put together a production level solution; reaching out to Sematext for help was a right call. The team at Sematext is amongst the best professionals we've worked with. Fast, responsive, to the point, with the depth of knowledge that is required to create a sophisticated search solution in a short period of time.

Dan Galperin, Director Technology
Kobo, Inc.

We've worked closely with Sematext since day 1 of developing our Salesforce Content product. Their real-world expertise in designing and scaling Lucene and SOLR based solutions has proved invaluable.

Tim Barker, Sr. Director Product Management
Salesforce, Inc.

Sematext brings years of logging and monitoring expertise to the Docker community. They’ve been an active participant via their Docker performance and log monitoring solutions, their Docker logging and monitoring webinars, and numerous blog posts. Overall, collaborating with Sematext has delivered valuable logging and monitoring tools and resources to our community.

Nick Stinemates, Head of Business Development

I wanted to thank you for squeezing in LinkShare's search project despite the aggressive timelines required by our end. Sematext's efficiency in both planning, communication, and execution has accomplished our primary objectives of this engagement and concluded with us being quite happy with our decision in search specialist & partner. For future search-related projects where we choose to seek outside counsel or assistance, we will not hesitate to reach out to your firm.

Damian Knoop, Software Engineering Manager
Rakuten LinkShare

Sematext provides us a flexible, extensible and reliable means of monitoring all of our environments in real time.

Zach David, Test Automation Lead

After a year of effort we had replaced a home-grown SQL based search solution with Solr. Not only was it better, but it was faster and had many new features. However, what we didn't know is if we had done it right and or how durable the solution was. Our engagement with Sematext allowed us to prove out our design decisions and more importantly to tune Solr for optimum performance.

Herman Kiefus, Developer
Angie's List

The Sematext team are our go-to "hired guns" at the Echo Nest whenever we run into a tough Solr internals problem. Their always fast and reasonable and it's reassuring to know that we can call in the experts when we need to. Sematext is constantly making Solr and Lucene better for everyone through their work with real-world text search installations.

Brian Whitman, Co-Founder & CTO
The Echo Nest

Sematext engaged closely and collaboratively with our business to help mature and extend our highly specific vertical search engine, which is core to our business. Throughout the engagement, and beyond, Sematext was incredibly responsive and constantly "leaned-in" to apply their market-leading expertise in Solr/Lucene to build the custom solution we needed to bring our search engine to the next level.

Vincent Martino, Chief Operating Officer
Balihoo, Inc.

We'd developed our own SOLR AutoComplete but it wasn't good enough for what we really wanted. We found Sematext and after discussing the features, bought their AutoComplete/Search product. It took very little time to integrate, even on SOLR 4.0, and with their excellent support, we soon had an AutoComplete system second to none and our client is delighted. They really are a great team and we have no hesitation in recommending them and their solutions!

David Quarterman, Director

You guys are great. We definitely have projects that need your help in the near future.

Guangwei Yuan, Co-Founder
Polywore, Inc.

I must say very personal service and great product! I like the simplicity for the setup and how quick and responsive is the UI. It is like it was created from sys admins for sys admins

Chris, Manager

We've been using Sematext for Solr Tech Support for almost a year now. Sematext staff has been quick to respond to our calls, has shown positive and professional attitude, and high level of Solr expertise. They have been very effective at identifying all our Solr issues to date and at resolving them in a timely manner.

Luca Michelini
Woody's Books

Sematext worked closely with our technology team to help us build a high performance and scalable search solution for our business. We were already working with Solr/Lucene when the team at Sematext came in and advised us on the best architecture for our needs. Sematext helped us implement their suggestions and as a result we greatly improved our performance and scalability. The Sematext team was very responsive to our needs and, with their industry-leading experience; the project was smooth and successful.

Kurt Strumpf, Chief Operating Officer
eNR Services, Inc.

CrossView is a cross channel retail solution provider. We know a good technology when we see it, which is the case for Solr. Sematext provided consulting services to us in a very large scale deployment of Solr in one of our projects. In this project we needed to index over 20 million documents and set up a cluster of Solr servers to handle incoming requests. Sematext provided strategic guidance at various critical junctures in the development and deployment of the solution. With their help, we now have a solution that is stable, scalable and fast. The investment we made to have Sematext validate our architecture and design is worth every penny.

Chang Li, VP Software Development
CrossView Inc.

Having you as an expert resource has greatly reduced my stress level working with Solr. Thanks!!

Seattle-based Fortune 500 company

Working with your team at Sematext has been amazing. From Seán on the customer success front to the entire support team, each interaction highlights their deep commitment to our joint success.

Kevin Dailey
Director, Managed Services Delivery, Fenom Digital

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