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Migrate to a New Search Technology

Painlessly migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch, from Solr to Elasticsearch or any other combination.

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Search Engine Migration

As part of our Solr, Elasticsearch and OpenSearch consulting, Sematext provides assistance in migrating from one search engine to another. We've done this for many clients. Most commonly we've helped migrate from Elasticsearch to OpenSearch or from Solr to Elasticsearch. Sometimes this migration also includes moving from on-premises to cloud, from self-managed to managed or the other way around.

We have deep expertise in Elasticsearch, Solr and OpenSearch, useful for translating your data model, settings and queries from one search engine to another. Some migrations also provide an opportunity to re-evaluate search requirements, the cluster layout, the data model and the approach to queries. We can help with all these and more, so that your setup provides better functionality with better performance/cost ratio.

Professional Services

  • Evaluate migration options, their advantages and disadvantages, to help make informed decisions.
  • Migrate data to the new search engine. If needed, without downtime.
  • Tune the data model, settings, schema/mapping, queries.
  • Evaluate hardware choices, managed service subscriptions, cluster layout.
  • Tune JVM and OS-level settings for the new cluster, if applicable.
  • Code reviews, mentoring, and troubleshooting.

Migrating Between Search Engines?

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