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Consulting for Elasticsearch Products

We've helped hundreds of companies architect, scale, tune, and successfully deploy Elasticsearch-based solutions.

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Elasticsearch Consulting

Our 10+ years of experience in Elasticsearch consulting allows us to engage in the most efficient way for you and your company:

  • New to Elasticsearch? We can help you develop a search application from scratch, like we've done many times. We can configure and deploy your cluster. We can pair program, have knowledge transfer calls and document what we've done. You may also be interested in our Elasticsearch Training to extend your knowledge.
  • Experienced Elasticsearch users? We can be your go-to experts, as we are for many of our clients. We can review your existing architecture and configuration, have brainstorming sessions or troubleshoot that annoying issue that happens on and off for years. For urgent troubleshooting, you may also be interested in our Elasticsearch Production Support.

Whether you're using Elasticsearch for time-series data (e.g., logs) or enterprise search (e.g., E-commerce), we can help you save precious time and money by using our experience to implement best practices and avoid unnecessary errors. In the end, you'll have a well-configured setup and more knowledge to maintain and develop it further.

Thanks for all your help and contributions to our search infrastructure team. Very much appreciated. All our experiences with Sematext have been very high quality. Thank you for sharing your Elasticsearch expertise with us. I want to share how helpful <Sematext consultant name redacted> has been for us.

1. He's extremely professional and it was a charm working with him.
2. His knowledge is very high quality and we felt like we could always rely on his advice.
3. Multiple projects have benefited from his support - one of them is our biggest cluster today and has a lot of issues.
4. Our team just loved working with <Sematext consultant name redacted>!

I am actually sad this partnership is coming to an end, but I am hoping we will work together in the future sometime soon.

Engineering Manager, Search-Infra at Twitter

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Professional Services

  • Hands-on help for building search applications on top of Elasticsearch, from the ingestion pipeline to configuration and mapping to writing queries, ensuring best practices, etc.
  • Optimize performance of Elasticsearch clusters, ensure they're easy to scale and maintain. We've cut down cost of many clients by as much as 10x, with no performance loss
  • Troubleshoot stability, performance and result correctness issues. If you need an SLA for production issues, have a look at our Elasticsearch production support

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