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Status Pages and Incidents

Create public or private status pages to share the status of your services, updates, or planned outages or create a service status to share with your customers or colleagues.

Get Started See Sematext Status Page

Status Pages

  • Expose performance and health status of one or more services
  • Show website uptime and response time
  • Get a custom domain for your status page
  • Customize status pages with your logo, name, and more
  • Add password protection to restrict access to internal teams or clients
  • Subscribe to updates with RSS feed
  • Publish one or more status pages
Sematext Status Pages


  • Inform your users of downtimes or minor delays your service is experiencing
  • Publish incident updates as your team works to resolve the problem to keep your users informed
  • Pre-create and schedule information about planned maintenance
  • Optionally specify the time when an incident should be marked as resolved
Sematext Incidents