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User Journeys

Monitor a user journey across multiple pages or perform actions on your website

  • Simulate real user journeys with a real browser
  • Perform various actions such as button clicks, form submissions, screenshot capture, and full e-commerce transactions
  • Multi-page transaction testing capabilities
  • Test key business transactions
  • Integrates with CI/CD pipelines to catch issues early
User Journeys

Key Features and Highlights

  • Common use-case examples are shown when initiating a new monitor, providing a solid starting point
  • User journey scripts can be conveniently edited within the user interface
  • Optionally, enable script synchronization by linking a GitHub repository containing your User Journey scripts with Sematext
  • Built-in sensitive data protection to store credentials used in user journey scripts in AWS Secrets Manager; these data are never visible as plaintext within the scripts.
User Journeys

Custom Metric Extraction with User Journey Scripts for Diverse Use Cases

User Journeys