Logging Consulting

Looking to replace Splunk and build a free Splunk alternative for your logs?
We run Logsene – logging is in our DNA.

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Logging Consulting

Logging Consulting

Complementary to our Elasticsearch consulting, our Elastic Stack Production Support, the Elasticsearch Training, and Logsene, our log analytics and management service, Sematext provides Logging Consulting and Production Support for those looking to replace Splunk with Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (aka ELK or Elastic Stack) or an alternative logging stack.

We have deep expertise not only in Elasticsearch, but also with a number of related open-source logging and visualization tools, such as:

Professional Services

  • Logstash – the “L” in ELK
  • Ryslog and Syslog-ng
  • Filebeat, Fluentd, Flume, nxlog…
  • Kibana – the “K” in ELK – and Grafana

® Elasticsearch, beats, logstash, and kibana are a trademark of Elasticsearch BV

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