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We have several hundred engagements under our belt and can help you architect, scale, tune, and successfully deploy your Solr-based products.

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Solr Consulting

Sematext uses its expertise to offer services around Search and Big Data Analytics. We offer Solr & Elasticsearch Production Support as well as Solr & Elasticsearch Development Support (aka Consulting).

In our role as consultants we help our clients save precious time and money by using our experience to implement best practices, avoid unnecessary errors and dead ends, design, implement, configure, and deploy efficient and scalable data processing and search architectures, and so on.

Elasticsearch Consulting

Professional Services

  • Expert consulting around architecture design, best practices, scaling, performance, tuning, hardware requirements, search relevance, etc.
  • Design, architecture, and development of Search & Big Data solutions using Solr and Elasticsearch
  • HBase, Kafka, and other open-source technologies
  • Code reviews, mentoring, and troubleshooting
  • Migration from commercial solutions to Solr or Elasticsearch
  • Evaluation of open-source and commercial search solutions

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