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We are always looking for smart, passionate, motivated, and independent people regardless of where on the planet they may be.

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Tech & tools we use

  • React.js, Redux, Chart.js, Figma
  • Go, Rust, Kotlin, Java, Node.js
  • Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Kafka, ClickHouse, Zookeeper
  • Logagent, Vector, rsyslog
  • AWS, Github, Jenkins, DockerHub, Ansible, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Travis CI, WordPress, Stripe, Google Apps…
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Traits we like

Proactive and communicativeTakes initiative, doesn’t wait to be asked or told
Curious, always learningAcquires new knowledge and skills, reads books, follows relevant projects, keeps up with changes in the industry…
Analytical, organized, and agileKnows how to break down work into small tasks, organizes them into Sprints, updates them, closes them, keeps team members in the loop…
Optimistic realistGood estimator of time and effort

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