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We’re Hiring

We are always looking for smart, passionate, motivated, and independent people regardless of where on the planet they may be.

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Tech & tools we use

  • React.js, Redux, Chart.js, Figma & Figjam
  • Go, Rust, Kotlin, Java, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Kafka, ClickHouse, Zookeeper
  • Logagent, Vector, Telegraf, rsyslog
  • AWS, Github, Jenkins, DockerHub, Terraform, Ansible, JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Travis CI...
  • Hubspot, WordPress, Stripe, Google Apps...
  • Datadog & Splunk. Just kidding!
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Traits we like

  • Proactive and communicative
    Takes initiative, doesn’t wait to be asked or told
  • Curious, always learning
    Acquires new knowledge and skills, reads books, follows relevant projects, keeps up with changes in the industry...
  • Analytical, organized, and agile
    Knows how to break down work into small tasks, organizes them into Sprints, updates them, closes them, keeps team members in the loop...
  • Optimistic realist
    Good estimator of time and effort